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Cena Engaged In A Delightful Conversation

If you've been keeping up with WWE, then you know John Cena's Road to Wrestlemania has included countless segments where he's challenged the Undertaker on live television only to never hear back from the Deadman. So, Cena decided that he was going to go to Wrestlemania as a fan.

And that's exactly what John Cena did; he spent time during the Kickoff Show and a good chunk of the main card, sitting on the floor and watching with the rest of the fans, before running backstage to prepare for his match. How do we know this? Because the camera couldn't stop cutting back to him to get a reaction. Here is every time the camera cut to Cena during Wrestlemania 34 for the couple hours Cena was there.

While you're at it, make sure to check out our live coverage of the event, including the Cena vs. Undertaker match, which we predicted Undertaker to win.

Excited--And Possibly Tipsy--Cena With Great Wrestlemania Seats

Cena On The Edge Of His Seat

A Perplexed Cena

Cena Ordering More Beer And A Popcorn

Cena Applauding Himself On The Big Screen

Cena Debating Whether Or Not To Be In Daddy's Home 3

The First Time A Fan Was Interviewed During Wrestlemania

Cena Wondering If He Left The Oven On

Cena Whistling

Cena Wondering If He Left The Garage Door Open

Cena Realizing He Doesn't Know The People Next To Him

The Ref Informing Cena He's A Distraction To WWE's Production

Cena Goes For A Jog

John Cena Returns In A Fresh Shirt

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