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Friv 2017 - games Candy Crush 2017


This is a flash version of Friv Candy Crush 2017 game Join the numbers and get to the Friv Candy Crush 2017 tile! Friv Candy Crush 2017, friv, friv 2017 Candy Crusher The little candy monster found the Candyland and thought that he could eat as many sweets as he wanted now! But he'll have to watch out for every step he makes, because Candyland is full of hazards. He

Friv 7 Candy Crush

Friv 2022 games Angry Birds Rio Free

Friv 2022 games Angry Birds Rio Free

This is a flash version of Angry Birds Rio Free game Join the numbers and get to the Angry Birds Rio Free tile!

Angry Birds Rio Free

Friv 30 Games 2017

Friv 30 Games 2017


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Friv 20 Games Wheely 8 - 2017

Friv 20 Games Wheely 8 - 2017

Description of Friv 20 Games Wheely 8 - 2017 game:
Wheely and his girlfriend Jolie went on a picnic. They were having a good time, until something unexpected happened! A UFO lands one of the aliens inside needs a component to be able to fly back to space.. In Wheely 8 you have to help him to get back to h
Our little red friend Wheely is back again with fun point-and-click challenging adventures! This time he has to help some friendly aliens who crashed on the Earth. Are you going to be able to help our new friends get back hom
Friv 20 Games Wheely 8 - 2017

Friv 200 games Plants vs Zombies 2017

Friv 200 games Plants vs Zombies 2017

This is a flash version of Plants vs Zombies game Join the numbers and get to the Plants vs Zombies tile!

Friv 7

Everything We Know About Avengers: Endgame Friv 0

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Avengers Endgame Toys Give Detailed Looks At Ronin, Captain America, And Thanos Friv 0

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Destiny 2 Revelry: All The Eververse Cosmetics For Spring Friv 0

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Game Of Thrones Season 8 Premiere: 17 Easter Eggs, References, And Callbacks You Might Have Missed Friv 0

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7 New Game of Thrones Season 8 Theories From Episode 1, "Winterfell" Friv 0

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Star Wars Celebration Day Two: Cosplay Parades Friv 0

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Kofi Kingston And Other WWE Superstars Share Favorite Gaming And Wrestlemania Moments Friv 0

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17 Most Shocking Home Invasion Movies Ever, Ranked Friv 0

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WonderCon 2019 Cosplay Day Two: Dark Helmet, Pickle Rick, And More Friv 0

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Avengers Endgame Funko Pops Are Here, Check All 20 Of Them Out Friv 0

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Avengers Endgame: What The New Lego Sets Tell Us About The Movie Friv 0

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PAX East 2019 Cosplay Gallery For Day Three Friv 0

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WonderCon 2019 Cosplay Day One: Mera, Superman, Spider-Man Noir, And More Friv 0

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PAX East 2019 Cosplay Gallery For Day Two Friv 0

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The Most Mind-Boggling TV Show Twists, Ranked Friv 0

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One of the biggest challenges for any TV writer is how to keep the audience coming back for more. This isn't a problem that filmmakers have--sure, they have to get people in theater in the first place, but once they have your money, the deal is done. Television is different--shows continue week after week, season after season, and without a compulsive storyline, audiences will quickly look elsewhere. And never has this been more true than now, with so many shows appearing on so many different channels and services--how can TV creators keep their audience loyal and engaged?

The plot twist plays a valuable part in this. While the twist has long been a part of cinema, it played less of a part in TV until relatively recently. However, it is now is an essential weapon in the showrunner's storytelling arsenal. A twist can take several forms. It can be a sudden reversal that changes everything we thought we knew about a storyline. It can be surprising character moment, where a character's behavior dramatically changes the course of the show. Or it can literally be a short, sudden shock that leaves us hanging for the next episode or season.

JJ Abrams has played a major role in making the plot twist a vital part of modern TV storytelling. His shows Lost, Alias, and Fringe frequently used twists to advance both the story and characters; some were executed more successful than others, but there's no denying that he helped create an expectation that modern TV mysteries and thrillers will deliver regular twists. As a result, it's become harder to surprise an audience, leading to some pretty wild plot developments and revelations, as writers and showrunners try to stay one step ahead of their viewers.

So here is GameSpot's list of the biggest twists ever to happen on TV. Be warned there are many spoilers ahead! Let's twist again...

11. Fringe – Olivia is in a parallel universe

JJ Abrams and Alex Kurtzman's inventive sci-fi show had many twists over the course over its five seasons, but few as effective as the end of Season 1. FBI agent Olivia finds herself in an office block in a parallel universe, and as the camera moves out of the building. we see that she is standing inside the World Trade Center, in a world where 9/11 never happened. It's a visually stunning shot reminiscent of the final scene of the classic movie Planet of the Apes.

10. The Walking Dead – Carl has been bitten

The Walking Dead is not a show that has relied on big twists over the years--and when they do happen, it's usually the death of much-loved characters. To be honest, a bigger twist would probably be a season finale where everyone survives. Nevertheless, Season 8's final episode did contain a shocking revelation, when we learned that Carl had been bitten by a walker. Of all the characters in The Walking Dead, only Carl's dad Rick seemed less likely to die, particularly since Carl had already lost his mom and his eye to zombies--and continued to survive in the comic books. But no, it was sadly time up for one of the longest running characters in the show.

9. Mr. Robot – Elliot is actually in prison

Mr. Robot is such a clever, multi-layered show that twists can be expected at any point. Season 1 had a couple of great ones, but the big twist in Season 2 is perhaps the most impressive, and admirably delivered mid-season rather than building up to the end. We discover that Elliot has been in prison for the entire season up to this point, and everything we've seen him do has been part of his life there. In retrospect, creator Sam Ishmail dropped plenty of clues along the way, but it was still a great twist. And in suitably meta-style, Elliot's voice-over addresses his audience directly: "I'm sorry for not telling you everything. I needed this in order to get better. Please don't be mad at me for too long."

8. Alias – Sydney wakes up in Hong Kong

Alias is another twist-filled Abrams series, with every season delivering unexpected plot turns. The best is the cliffhanger right at the end of Season 2, when a terrified and confused Sydney wakes up in Hong Kong to discover that two years have gone by, and she has been presumed dead the whole time.

7. Battlestar Galactica – the Final Five are summoned

Ronald D. Moore's reimagining of the late '70s favorite Battlestar Galactica was as much a mystery as a sci-fi drama, and delivered numerous twists along the way. The biggest was the reveal of the Final Five, ancient humanoid Cylons whose identities were unknown to all--including themselves. Actually, it's just four of them, but the manner in which they were revealed was stunningly realised. Four familiar characters that no one would suspect of being a Cylon--including Cylon-hater Tigh--are drawn together via subliminal music (Bob Dylan's "All Along The Watchtower") for a jaw-dropping reveal. "We're Cylons, and we have been from the start."

6. Lost – Jack's flashbacks were yet to happen

Lost loved to tie itself in narrative knots, and even its biggest fans would admit that it got, er, lost in the twists and turns at times. But the scene in Season 3 in which it is revealed that what we presumed were a series of flashbacks involving Jack were in fact a flashforward to events yet to happen was a brilliantly staged moment that showed the ambition of the show at its best.

5. House of Cards – Zoe hits the tracks

House of Cards' Frank Underwood was clearly a villain from the start, but it was the shocking twist in the opening episode of Season 2 that showed just how evil he was. In order to stop intrepid reporter Zoe Barnes from discovering his connection to the death of Pete Russo, Underwood pushes her in front of an oncoming subway train. Ouch.

4. St. Elsewhere – the whole show was a child's fantasy

The climactic reveal in the final episode of the iconic '80s hospital drama has remained one of the most infamous twists in TV history. After six seasons of tears, laughter, and engrossing character-based medical drama, we learned that the whole thing was an imagined fantasy in the mind of Tommy, the autistic son of Dr. Westphall. Known as the "Snowglobe ending," this twist impressed some with its meta-commentary about the nature of storytelling and angered those who just saw it as a giant cop-out. Either way, it was a surprise no one saw coming.

3. Twin Peaks – Evil Cooper escapes from the Black Lodge

By the end of the original run of David Lynch and Mark Frost's groundbreaking Twin Peaks, fans had learned to expect absolutely anything. But that didn't stop the final moments of the final episode being any less effective. Cooper escapes from the Black Lodge but as we discover--as he smashes his head into a mirror and cackles "How's Annie?" over and over--this isn't really Cooper. It's an evil doppelganger, and the real Coop is still stranded in the Lodge. To make things even worse, fans would have to wait another 25 years to find out happens next (thankfully, the wait was well worth it).

2. Haunting Of Hill House – Nell is the Bent-Neck Lady

Netflix's brilliant haunted house epic was as interested in being a moving drama as a scary horror show, but showrunner Mike Flanagan also knew how to deliver some jaw-dropping twists. The biggest moment comes at the end of Episode 5, when we discover that the deformed ghost that has haunted poor Nell for decades is in fact Nell herself. It's a terrifying and tragic revelation.

1. Game of Thrones – The Red Wedding

There are several potential contenders for this list from Game of Thrones--including Ned Stark's beheading and the Viper's mashed head--but ultimately nothing tops the Red Wedding. Potentially, the most talked about TV moment for years, the scene starts as a happy celebration of Edmure Tully and Roslin Frey's nuptials and ends with a horrendously violent bloodbath as the wedding party is set upon by Walder Frey's men. Viewers who'd read the books knew it was coming, but even that couldn't lessen the impact of this truly shocking sequence.

Aquaman: 14 Things We Learned From The Blu-Ray Special Features Friv 0

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Now that Aquaman has been released on Blu-ray and digital, it gives you plenty of chances to rewatch what is clearly the craziest entry in the DC Extended Universe--from dinosaurs to epic underwater fights. That's not all you can do, though.

The home release of Aquaman is loaded with special features that give you a lot of insight into the making of the film. Maybe even too much insight. How does Aquaman poop? Guess what, director James Wan thought about it so you don't have to.

If you don't have time to dig through the special features of Aquaman, never fear! We did and gathered the 14 most interesting facts from the various behind-the-scenes featurettes. Prepare to learn more than you'll ever need to about Aquaman, Atlantis, and just about everything else in the film.

After you soak up all of this new Aquaman interview, get yourself ready for the next major DC release with our review of Shazam. Believe it or not, it is the best DCEU movie yet.

1. The underwater creatures were essentially mechanical bulls

The actors would actually be sitting on mechanical "bucks," which would then be puppeteered to mimic the movements of whatever the characters were riding. "We're able to replace that buck with a CG version of our shark and have it marry up to what the camera is doing, all in real-time," virtual production supervisor Eric Carney explained.

2. Many sets were built using virtual reality

"VR is making a big impact on this film," draftsman Benjamin Donnelly explained. "We can look around sets in a virtual space to make design decisions."

3. It's not just CGI at work

There were plenty of practical effects used in the film, including a number of instances of real water--which can be tricky with such an elaborate film. "The challenge is creating this underwater world in a dry environment," director of photography Don Burgess admitted.

4. The way they crashed the truck in a tsunami is impressive

While it would have been easy to rely on a complete CGI rendering of a tsunami overtaking a truck being driven by Aquaman, the film's crew instead tried to recreate it in the real world by putting an actual truck on a spit and spinning and submerging it in water. "It was an eccentric spinning car," special effects supervisor Brian Cox said. "It spins 360 [degrees]."

5. Jason Momoa played a big role in casting his on-screen dad

When it came to casting Thomas Curry, Arthur's dad, Momoa had one name in mind. "When we talked to Jason about who he saw as his father, he just immediately wanted Temuera [Morrison]," executive producer Rob Cowan revealed.

"I love him. It's always been a dream to work with him," Momoa explained. "Ever since I saw Once Were Warriors, he was the guy I looked up to."

6. James Wan had a hand in everything, including weapon design

One of the reasons director James Wan was drawn to the project was that he got to create an entire world with Atlantis. To that end, he was a part of everything, right down to helping with weapon design.

"I'm a very hands-on designer," he said. "I love drawing things myself. And so I'll get in there, be behind their shoulders and kind of go, 'Oh, you know, what if we draw the trident more like this?'"

7. James Wan definitely thought about how Atlanteans use the bathroom

In creating the world of Aquaman, Wan had a lot to figure out. "As a director, I try to put myself in the shoe of Atlanteans and go, 'What is a day in the life of an Atlantean look like? How do they eat? How do they sleep? How do they use the bathroom?' You have to think about all of that stuff," he explained.

We'd rather not think about it.

8. They used trays of water to make lighting more realistic

So much of Aquaman takes place underwater, which presented an interesting challenge with lighting. Luckily, they came up with a creative solution. "There's a whole way that light travels through water," director of photography Don Burgess said. "So we tried to emulate that. We actually build water trays above us to try to manipulate light so that is actually feels like you're underwater."

9. Yes, the hair is CGI

It should come as no surprise that the floating hair underwater was created digitally. After all, since they weren't actually drowning the cast, they had to get that wavy quality somewhere. The process, though, was more difficult than anyone expected.

"I don't think anyone appreciated how difficult it was going to be," visual effects supervisor Kelvin McIlwain admitted. "In an underwater environment, all the hair just sort of tends to do its own thing. And this created incredible computational hurdles to overcome. [Industrial Light & Magic] actually rewrote their software trying to design this."

10. The way they filmed the swimming scenes is insane

To achieve the scenes of swimming underwater, each actor required a team of people in blue suits to guiding them, plenty of wires suspending them, and a massive spinning arm they were attached to.

11. Manta's shirtless scene was added after James Wan said how in-shape the actor got

When Yahya Abdul-Mateen II got cast to play Black Manta in the movie, he set out to get in shape. What else would you do after finding out you're going to spend months fighting Jason Momoa. However, he got so ripped that director James Wan actually wrote a shirtless scene into the movie.

"We did a screen test [and] James said, 'Hey, let's zip that down and let's just get some shots,'" Abdul-Mateen remembered. "So I zipped it down. I came back a couple days later and he said, 'Hey man, I think the shirt's got to come off. We gotta do some rewrites."

12. The submarine interior is made out of rubber

While this makes perfect sense, the fact that the movie's crew molded so much of the inside of the submarine out of rubber to allow Aquaman to smash people into it is impressive. "We've gotten very good at molding rubber things," production designer Bill Brzeski joked.

13. James Wan always wanted Nicole Kidman as Atlanna

For director James Wan, there was only ever one person he considered to play Queen Atlanna. "Nicole was my one and only choice," he admitted. "I've wanted to work with Nicole for a very long time. I think the world of her." He was so sure this role should go to Kidman, that the crew even used her as the basis of their concept art for the character.

14. They had to build the bar from scratch

When it came time to find a location to use as the Amnesty Bay bar set, the film's crew wouldn't locate a place that didn't overlook an Australian city. So, naturally, they just built one instead. And, of course, passersby assumed it was a real bar.

"Since we put the signs up, we had locals pulling up," set decorator Bev Dunn said.

PAX East 2019 Cosplay Gallery - Day One Friv 0

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PAX East 2019 is off to a big start, with the official reveal of Borderlands 3 and some other big announcements from Gearbox Software. We also got hands on with some lesser known, but equally awesome games like Creature in the Well.

PAX East has always been a convention that attracts talented cosplayers. So far, we've seen characters from Super Mario, The Legend of Zelda, League of Legends, and more. Check out the best cosplay get-ups from day one!

[Above: Princess Peach (Super Mario), by Maplesaur Cosplay]

Rosalina (Super Mario Galaxy), by @camcat26

Cape Mario (Super Mario), by @35_geeks

Link and Volvagia (The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time), by Glitch Cos

Skull Kid (The Legend of Zelda: Majora's Mask)

Zelda (The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild), by @Carley_Winn

Corrin (Fire Emblem Fates)

Handsome Jack (Borderlands 2), by @BigOceanWorks

Krieg (Borderlands 2), by @byates8981

Mad Moxxi (Borderlands), by Affexion

DJ Sona (League of Legends), by @Beauds28

Kha'Zix (League of Legends), by Raging Shadow Cosplay

Kabal (Mortal Kombat), by @cosplay_fool

Cloud Strife (Final Fantasy VII), by @kaelor_

Jacket (Hotline Miami), by @erdemius89

Tchanka (Rainbow Six Siege), by @fenixthegoat

Assault Class (Battlefield V), by @daffy_dank

Man in the Golden Mask (Death Stranding)

Wilson and Willow (Don't Starve), by @squiiddish

Zander (Battlerite), by @Defiant_Drills

Lola Bunny (Space Jam), by Vee Cosplay

Green Ranger (Power Rangers), by @vudoo781

Styy (Custom Character)

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