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There are a lot of WWE rumors, especially around Wrestlemania each year. It's good to keep fans a little off-balance and a little curious. Not knowing the how, why, and what allows fans to suspend their disbelief about the onscreen action. Rumors elevate their subjects and make men into superheroes and otherworldly monsters.

Here are some of the most persistent urban legends in professional wrestling. Some of them are false, which is a relief. And some of them are true, which is terrifying.

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The Ultimate Warrior Was An Impostor

From 1987 to 1992, the Ultimate Warrior ran roughshod over the WWE locker room. An intense, muscle bound man, Warrior would squash most of his opponents in under five minutes, if not less. And he was largely seen as the inheritor of Hulk Hogan's throne. But due to a combination of A) being difficult to work with and B) the ongoing WWE steroid investigation, Warrior left the company in 1992.

When he returned to WWE in 1996, he had golden blonde, wavy hair and a slimmer figure, which spurred rumors that this new Ultimate Warrior was an impostor, and that the old, original one was either dead or otherwise unavailable. Of course, this wasn't true; it's always been the same man since the very beginning.

Is this urban legend true? No

Mr. Fuji Once Cooked A Co-Worker's Dog

Most WWE fans probably know Mr. Fuji from his management stints; he cheated for both Demolition and Yokozuna, and he guided the latter to the WWE Championship. But before that, Fuji was a tag team specialist who fought in multiple territories, including WWE, in the 1970's.

Fuji was also known for his "pranks"' which were often times sick and sadistic. His most infamous, legendary one was when he cooked and fed a dog to his fellow wrestlers. Multiple wrestlers have different accounts of what actually happened. Roddy Piper recalled that Fuji pulled this stunt on Toru Tanaka. Hulk Hogan recalled that Tor Kamata was the victim, and he ate a cat, not a dog.

Mr. Fuji recalls that he pulled the prank with assistance from Don Muraco, and they targeted Billy White Wolfe and Skandor Akbar (Fuji's memory is hazy on this). At the end of the meal (teriyaki dog, according to Fuji), Muraco revealed the dog's severed head, which caused Wolfe and Akbar to throw up.

Is this urban legend true? Yes

Andre The Giant Once Drank Over 100 Beers In One Sitting

Andre the Giant was a walking urban legend--the Eighth Wonder of the World. Everything was exaggerated about him; his height, for example, was cited in various publications as 7'4, or 7'5, or even 7'7. When you're a massive giant in the pre-internet era, you can get away with a little fibbing.

But all of Andre's colleagues seem to be united on one point: his drinking prowess. According to multiple people, Andre the Giant could drink over 100 beers in a single sitting. And there's so many witnesses who claim to have seen this, firsthand, that it's probably true.

According to Hulk Hogan, Andre drank 108 beers while waiting with him at an airport. At a WWE Legends roundtable which included Dusty Rhodes and Michael Hayes, Andre's colleagues told multiple Andre drinking tales: Once, Andre drank 156 beers in a single sitting. Pat Patterson also recalled a time that a drunk Andre fell asleep in a hotel lobby. Because none of the wrestlers could move him, Patterson took Andre's keys and wristwatch for safekeeping, and they left Andre lying there until morning. Indeed, the truth can be stranger than fiction.

Is this urban legend true? Yes

Joey Styles Punched JBL Backstage

Yes, we're talking about JBL again. Only this time, WWE's resident frat boy gets his comeuppance. On WWE's tour to Iraq in 2008, JBL was mercilessly hazing newcomer Joey Styles, WWE's new director of digital content and the former commentator for ECW. And Styles, who weighs over 100 pounds less than JBL, punched his tormentor, leaving JBL with a cut and a black eye.

This might be easily dismissed as wishful thinking, but multiple eyewitnesses have confirmed it. RVD told this story on a podcast, and Simon Dean heard the story secondhand from Triple H himself.

Is this urban legend true? Yes

The WrestleMania III Attendance Figure Is A Lie

It's a heavily touted figure, especially when Mania season rolls around. WrestleMania III--the one with the Hulk Hogan vs. Andre the Giant main event--broke the indoor attendance record, with 93,173 fans.

Or did it? According to longtime wrestling journalist David Meltzer, who spoke with promoter Zane Bresloff, the actual figure was closer to 78,000 fans, WWE had misrepresented the attendance figure to break the record.

WWE, of course, denies this. And several months later, the Pope also drew over 93,000 people, so it is possible that that the Pontiac Silverdome could physically hold that many people. But without first-hand, concrete documentation, we'll probably never know the truth for sure.

Is this urban legend true? Unknown, but most likely not

Two Different Wrestlers Portrayed Kane

This was nearly identical to the Ultimate Warrior urban legend, only this time, it concerned Kane. Somehow, word got around that two different people played Kane full-time: one while he was masked and the other after he was unmasked. Conspiracy theorists analyzed the two Kanes' contrasting body types to support their supposition.

And as with Warrior's rumor, this is not true, at all. Aside from short-lived exceptions, which were exposed as impostors or inferiors in their respective storylines, Kane has always been performed by one man, Glenn Jacobs. And as for the differing body type? Jacobs aged! No one can be expected to maintain the same build and the same musculature over a 20-year career.

But fans did have reason to distrust wrestlers with masks and makeup on their faces. Vince McMahon owned the legal rights to gimmicks, which meant he could replace the performers if he wanted to. Doink the Clown, for example, was originally performed by Matt Osborne, and Ray Apollo replaced Osborne in 1993.

Is this urban legend true? No

Ric Flair Had 25 World Title Reigns

According to WWE, Ric Flair and John Cena are tied for the record number of world title reigns: 16 reigns apiece. Many Cena storylines are built around this premise; all he needs is one more title reign to be the winningest champion in wrestling history.

But according to wrestling statisticians, this doesn't hold up. There's a Reddit thread that has an excellent summary of this conundrum; including his NWA, WCW, and WWE title reigns, Flair actually has 19 world titles. Add in six more world title reigns from smaller, less prestigious promotions, and that brings the total to 25.

So whenever Cena does 'break the record' and clinch his 17th world title reign? He's actually got a ways to go before he can call himself the greatest. To be the man, you gotta beat the man. WOOOOOOO!!

Is this urban legend true? Yes

Wrestling Is Fake

We're only half-kidding with this last one. But it's getting old. How many times do we have to deal with this refrain from endless haters: "You know it's fake, right?

First of all: It's not fake. It hurts when you toss yourself off the roof of a steel cage, even if you brace your fall. And a punch to the face, delivered at 30% power, is still a punch to the face. Let's put a finer point on it than "fake."

Professional wrestling is scripted and pre-determined; it's a postmodern, theatrical presentation. And everyone is in on it. No one, outside of the young children, thinks this is legitimate competition, and no adult has thought that way since the late '80s. Of course, fans suspend their disbelief. But we know that none of it is real.

Well, except for the Undertaker's urn. That's real.

Is this urban legend true? Mixture of yes and no

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