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Wrestlemania 34 is over, and we're all in the middle of a wrestling hangover between WWE, NXT, RoH, Progress, and all the other events that happened over the April 7 weekend. It was a long couple of days filled with bodyslams, grand entrances, and children winning tag team titles.

During WWE's Wrestlemania PPV--which was seven hours long--there were a plethora of amazing moments that fans will remember forever. Some of them were epic battles between rivals, some were betrayals, and some were just too silly not to talk about. Ronda Rousey had her very first WWE match, and it was so much better than anyone thought it was going to be. Undertaker showed up in spectacular fashion and beat Cena in a squash match. Then, there was Brock Lesnar vs. Roman Reigns, which was probably the biggest disappointment of the night. Here are some of the most memorable moments and biggest surprises from the event, so if you haven't seen Mania yet, there are some spoilers coming up.

If you're looking for more Mania action, check out our full results of the evening and the rest of the pieces on our Mania page, including a whole bunch of John Cena reaction shots from the audience.

Return Of Bray Wyatt

We haven't seen Bray Wyatt since he was defeated at The Ultimate Deletion last month. Wyatt reappeared during the Andre The Giant Battle Royal to help Matt Hardy win the match.

Mustafi Ali Channels His Inner Sub-Zero

205 Live star Mustafi Ali wore an elaborate costume to the ring with a light-up mask and a glove that shot a laser out of the palm. He recently tweeted out a picture of the costume with the phrase "Be the light" attached.

Naomi Is The First Women's Battle Royal Champion

After quite a battle for the first-ever Women's Battle Royal, which included some nice standout moments like the women of NXT getting a "NXT" chant going, Naomi was the last woman left standing.

Some Entrances Had CG

New to Wrestlemania this year was CG added to some of the entrances. The Miz, Asuka, New Day, and a few others got CG layovers during wideshots of their entrances. The funniest part of Miz's was that the phrase "hot wife" was one of Miz's attributes listed.

Balor Club Is For Everyone

Sporting the new "Balor Club is for everyone" shirts, Finn Balor came out to a sea of fans cheering him on from the stage, wearing rainbow-colored leggings. Balor is a strong supporter of the LBGT community.

Seth Rollins Wins The Intercontinental Championship

After an incredible match against The Miz and Finn Balor, Seth Rollins won his first Intercontinental Championship. He is now a Grand Slam champion, meaning he has won the United States, Tag Team, WWE, and IC Championships during his career.

Charlotte's Entrance

One of the most epic entrances of the evening came from Smackdown Women's Champion Charlotte, who came out to the ring surrounded by gladiators.

The Streak Is Broken

Everyone was shocked when Charlotte beat Asuka, ending her winning streak in WWE. However, Asuka was a good sport and congratulated Charlotte on her win.

Triple H's Extravagant Entrance

If Triple H is in a match, you better believe the entrance is going to be over-the-top. He and Stephanie McMahon came to the ring on motorcycles, with green lasers all over the arena.

Such A Long/Epic Entrance

Both Stephanie and Triple H did his trademark water spit before entering the ring as well.

Ronda Lifting Triple H

Ronda Rousey's first match was filled with highlights, but one of the best was when she lifted Triple H in a fireman's carry.

Undertaker Finally Showed Up

After hours of the camera cutting to John Cena sitting in the crowd--which happened a few too many times--The Undertaker finally showed up to fight Cena. His ring gear, which was left in the center of the ring at Wrestlemania 33, appeared with Cena watching in the background.

More CG, Followed By A Long Taker Entrance

CG lightning hit Taker's costume in the ring, and it disappeared. He then did his walk down the entrance ramp with Cena waiting for him inside the ring.

The Only Memorable Moment From Cena/Taker

While Cena/Taker redeemed the Dead Man's match from last year's Mania against Roman Reigns, it wasn't exactly a barn burner. We saw Taker hit all his traditional moves, but the best moment came midway through the match. Cena was attempting to hit the "Five Knuckle Shuffle," and upon hitting the ropes, Taker sat up, scaring Cena, who fell right on his butt.

Daniel Bryan Returns

For longtime wrestling fans, Daniel Bryan's entrance video was emotional. It showed clips of people around the world--in schools, at work, and at sporting events--all doing the "Yes!" chant.

Bryan Submits Sami Zayn

Bryan spent half the match "hurt" on the outside of the ring, but when he returned, he dominated in the ring and ended up submitting Sami Zayn to win the match.

Bryan Embraces His Wife

After his win, Bryan went to ringside to give his wife, Brie Bella, a hug and kiss. She supported him when he wasn't cleared to wrestle, and Bryan said numerous times that her words gave him the will to keep pursuing his dreams.

Nia Jax Dominated Alexa Bliss

Nia Jax finally got her revenge on Alexa Bliss and gave her a gorilla press slam during their match. This led Jax to winning her first Raw Women's Championship. It's about time.

Shinsuke Nakamura's Entrance Was Epic

Nakamura's entrance opened with Nita Strauss playing his theme. She plays with Alice Cooper and has been called the greatest female guitarist.

More Nakamura

Shinsuke came out to a sea of people playing violins and drummers playing his theme. It was one of the most memorable entrances of the evening.

Nakamura Presents AJ Styles The Championship

After an intense battle, Nakamura presented Styles with the WWE Championship with humility. It was a truly impressive moment for both stars.

And Turns On Him

However, Styles' moment in the sun didn't last too long as Nakamura gave him a low blow.

Braun Strowman Recruits A Child To Be His Tag Partner

For weeks, we've been trying to figure out who Braun Strowman's tag team partner is, and at Wrestlemania, Strowman picked a child named Nicholas from the crowd to be his partner.

And They Win The Raw Tag Team Titles

In one of WWE's weirdest moves yet, Strowman and Nicholas won the Raw Tag Team Championships. Strangely enough, it works and was one of the highlights in what was expected to be a boring match.

Brock Escapes Wrestlemania As Champion

The main event of Wrestlemania was pretty boring, even though the finish was one of the biggest surprises of the evening. While the crowd at the Superdome chanting things like, "this is awful," Lesnar surprised the world by beating Roman Reigns and retaining the WWE Universal Championship.

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