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We're still half a year away from the release of Venom, but Sony released another trailer for the upcoming October film, which does a much better of a job giving insight into the story than the first trailer did. Released online late Monday evening, the newest trailer does reveal quite a bit more about Eddie Brock's (Tom Hardy) story as well as the supporting cast's roles.

While fans were hoping that the new movie takes place in the Marvel Cinematic Universe--as Marvel and Sony worked together to release Spider-Man: Homecoming last year--Venom takes place in a separate universe. In addition, chances are extremely slim for Spider-Man or Peter Parker to appear in the film, even though Tom Holland is rumored to show up--he won't.

What people are most excited about in this new trailer is that we finally get to see Eddie Brock in the Venom costume, and it surprisingly looks a lot like the comic book version. Here is a breakdown of all the major moments from the trailer as well as its connection to the comic books.

Venom comes to theaters on October 5.

There's a mysterious wreckage and a crew is sifting through it. We see a first shot of a symbiote being lifted from it in a canister. It's put into a secure case and the crew leaves in the rain. We're assuming this is the Life Foundation, the antagonist of the movie.

It's revealed that there are multiple symbiotes in the movie, as a panning shot shows two of them in canisters inside the Life Foundation truck. We learn a little more about how they're being used as the trailer moves on.

While there's nothing new revealed here, it's important to mention that Riz Ahmed plays Dr. Carlton Drake, the head of the Life Foundation. In the comics, Drake started The Arachnis Project, which was an attempt to create a serum to cure his cancer. It turned Drake into Homo Arachnis, a giant human/spider hybrid.

Eddie Brock talks to Anne Weying (Michelle Williams), whose firm represents the Life Foundation. In the comics, Weying is Brock's ex-wife and a successful lawyer who briefly merged with the Venom symbiote. Chances are we won't be seeing that in this film.

The trailer establishes that Brock is a journalist--although it's unknown if he works for the Daily Bugle at this time. He interviews Drake and asks him about the Life Foundation's testing, which recruits people as subjects that often lead to their deaths.

Brock is very quickly escorted out of the building after asking Drake that question, to which Drake says, "You're finished, Mr. Brock."

Jenny Slate--whose character has yet to be revealed--has been following Brock around. She tells Brock she works at the Life Foundation and needs Brock's help. At this time, there's no clear indication as to who Slate is playing. One report from CinemaBlend says Slate is playing a new character--a scientist--named Dora Skirth.

If the movie is pulling from comics lore, Slate could be playing Leslie Gesneria. She worked at the Life Foundation and ended up becoming merged with symbiotes during the Venom: Lethal Protector story. We don't see Sony fully adapting that one though, as you need Spider-Man to fully make it work. The only other major player who worked at the Life Foundation from the comics is Donna Diego, and Michelle Lee was cast for that role.

There is an establishing shot of Life Foundation, which is built into a mountain outside of San Francisco. In the comics, the Life Foundation was a giant bomb shelter, as the organization thought a post-Cold War nuclear holocaust would kill everyone. They were truly the first Doomsday Preppers.

Inside the Life Foundation, a scientist is being killed by a symbiote as Drake looks on. Slate's character over pronounces the word "symbiote." She says "sim-by-oats." Comic fans around the world are probably pretty annoyed by this.

Slate's character says that Drake thinks that the merging of human and symbiote is the key to a new human evolution. As she says this, a man strapped onto an upright table is screaming in pain.

The shot of the man screaming cuts very briefly to an image that is out of order, chronologically, for the film, but you wouldn't notice unless you go frame-by-frame. It's a live X-ray of Brock/Venom being affected by sound at various decibels. It says "Subject Brock" on the computer screen.

Brock stumbles upon a woman in a cell. There is ice covering the floor and parts of the glass. While in the comics there aren't any symbiotes from the Life Foundation that have cold powers, more than likely temperature is a way to control it. That woman breaks out of her cell--probably because Brock was trying to help her--and attacks Brock, who ends up fleeing the Life Foundation.

He ends up escaping and heads back home. However, he starts to feel sick and starts hearing a voice in his head. Brock thinks he's going crazy and the voice isn't real.

Life Foundation thugs come to Brock's apartment and ask him for Drake's property back: the Venom symbiote. This won't go well.

We finally get to see some of the first Venom powers for the movie, and it's a whole lot of black slime pushing and pulling things. There is a lot of this in the trailer, and sometimes, it looks a bit lame, like when the symbiote pulls Brock to the motorcycle.

"Why would WE do that?" Brock says after beating up Life Foundation thugs. Character-wise, he seems broken--when compared to earlier on in the trailer--and almost like Gollum from Lord of the Rings. This seems like a huge personality change, as he's weaker.

Brock walks down the street in Chinatown talking to himself. "If you're going to stay, you will only hurt BAD people." He seems a bit crazy. Brock is at the beginning of the battle for his own mind and body.

When it comes to the battle over Brock's body, Venom has a bit more control than Brock, when it wants to. Venom says to Brock, "The way I see it, we can do whatever we want." Brock's arms are pinned against a wall. He can't move. "Do we have a deal?" Venom asks.

Now, Brock is in the forest, running from a vehicle, and he runs through a fallen tree, destroying it. He has super-strength and durability now.

The word "Anti-Hero" flashes on the screen during the trailer. Hey Sony, we don't need to be told the protagonist of the film is an "anti-hero." Please don't talk to your audience like they are idiots.

Here's the motorcycle shot we mentioned earlier.

There it is. Venom's face for the first time in the trailer, as we never got to see Venom in the first one. Surprisingly enough, this looks a lot like the comic book version of the character.

Venom comes to theaters on October 5.

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