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Maps Worth Playing

If you've spent any amount of time in Far Cry 5 Arcade, you'll know that it's an incredibly fun time. It's dense with user-created maps of all kinds; some are skillfully crafted to include myriad obstacles to overcome, while others are haphazardly put together in a self-aware way that's still somehow charming. There are even maps that are homages to other popular games, with a few that are literal geographical recreations of their most iconic areas.

But by playing Far Cry 5 Arcade, you're also aware of the fact that it has a lot of subpar maps too. You need only look to the slew of maps that are texture-less wastelands where the only objective is to murder 160+ cultists. To help you sort through Far Cry 5 Arcade's constantly expanding number of maps, we've narrowed down the best non-Ubisoft made ones available now.

Since the mode's map libraries are self-contained on each platform, we've included the best maps you can find on PS4, Xbox One, and PC. We've labeled each map with the platform you can find them on, so be sure to look ahead to your respective platform to find its best maps.

What are some of your favorite maps in Far Cry 5 Arcade? Let us know in the comments below. And be sure to check back often as we update this with feature with even more great maps that we find ourselves or discover from your suggestions. If you're interested in our other Far Cry 5 guides, be sure to check out our feature on how to design a great Far Cry 5 Arcade map, as well as our guide highlighting nine tips we wish we knew before starting.

Western Assault (Only on PS4)

Creator: Usagiyama01

A good old-fashioned shootout in a Western town packed with cowboys and cultists.

Shadow Moses (Only on PS4)

Creator: TheRoostr_

A relatively faithful recreation of the first couple of areas from the original Metal Gear Solid. Instead of saving the DARPA Chief stand-in, your objective is to kill him.

The Last Of Us (Only on PS4)

Creator: Kaiguy153

A map themed around Naughty Dog's critically acclaimed The Last of Us. It features a mix of zombie-like enemies and armed soldiers, much like the source material it's inspired by.

Horde Mower (Only on PS4)

Creator: Phyrotechnics

You, two Mowers, and 106 Cultists. It's a chaotic good time.

Resident Evil 7v3 (Only on PS4)

Creator: adrijosefabi

A literal recreation of the first few rooms in the Baker mansion from Resident Evil 7: Biohazard. If you enjoy this one, check out the other Resident Evil 7 map recreations available.

Stranger in the West (Only on Xbox One)

Creator: NASTY Blastaaa

Venture through a town in the Wild West where you'll have to fend off enemies as you try to gun down a specific target and then escape through a church.

Memoir of Sanity (Only on Xbox One)

Creator: AbsorbedTitan

A short level that essentially functions as a haunted house, you make your way through a series of distinct, creepy environments that ratchet up the tension as you make your way toward the exit.

GoldeneyeFacilityV2 (Only on Xbox One)

Creator: RainisaurusRox

This is a fun little nostalgia trip back to the days of GoldenEye for N64, featuring perhaps its most famous level--complete with you starting out in a vent above an occupied bathroom stall.

Town Zombies (Only on Xbox One)

Creator: Keevo KX

This level starts out slow, with harmless enemies for you to gun down. Take down enough of them, however, and you're soon faced with a rush of aggressive, hard-to-kill zombies that will get your heart pounding.

Weapon Fun Remastere (Only on Xbox One)

Creator: TheEpicGame600

After worrying about death throughout the campaign, this map offers a refreshing break by making you invincible--and, for good measure, by giving you access to an unlimited supply of weapons and a super jump. It's great, mindless fun to rain destruction down on crowds of enemies from high in the sky.

Metro 2018 (Only on PC)

Creator: Bigsmoke

If you're down to play a map that looks and feels like an environment from the Metro series, then this is a must play.

Mansion on the Beach (Only on PC)

Creator: Thetoaster5

This map takes place in a mansion. On the beach. Kill enemies and rush to the exit!

Legend of Zeldo (Only on PC)

Creator: Cute_N_Evil

A map that pokes fun at Nintendo's The Legend of Zelda franchise. It has ATVs and a surprise Ganon fight at the end.

Hotline Miami (Only on PC)

Creator: Robertardunygga

Hotline Miami takes inspiration from the popular indie game series of the same name. Expect '80s synth music, neon lights, and melee combat.

Going Home (Only on PC)

Creator: Rat-Trash

A post-apocalyptic themed map set at nighttime.

Cultist Coast

Creator: Mazzbotzkii

A journey through a cultist shanty town by the sea.

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