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Avengers Assemble.

As its May release date marches ever closer, the list of confirmed characters in Avengers: Infinity War just keeps getting longer. It may seem like a superheroic Where's Waldo, but the reality is we've spent years getting hints, teasers, and clues about which characters will appear in Infinity War.

These are all the heroes, villains, and otherwise that we know are in Avengers: Infinity War--so far. Avengers: Infinity War is out May 4 this year.

1. Tony Stark

Starting things out with the obvious. Robert Downey Jr has taken center stage in a lot of the hype, and for good reason. It was his starring role as Iron Man that kick started the MCU ten years ago, making this movie a major anniversary for him--and potentially, the end of an era.

2. Steve Rogers

Coming in as a close second to Tony himself, Steve Rogers (Chris Evans) has been a key player in the Infinity War build up and excitement--and not just because he's a fan favorite superhero. Cap's new look, which includes a rugged beard and battered uniform, became an instant hit the moment the first round of teaser footage was dropped at D23 in 2017.

3. Natasha Romanova

Steve wasn't the only one to get a makeover leading up to the movie. Natasha (Scarlett Johansson) has been shown in Infinity War's trailers, posters, and promotional comics sporting an all new platinum blonde hair cut--a dramatic departure from the Black Widow's trademark red.

4. Sam Wilson

One of Cap's right-hand men, Sam Wilson (Anthony Mackie) has also been spotted in the trailers and posters, apparently operating out of Wakanda alongside the rest of his fellow post-Civil War superheroic fugitives.

5. Bucky Barnes

The Winter Soldier himself, Bucky Barnes (Sebastian Stan) has been given some screen time both on the poster and in the trailer where he's seen locked and loaded alongside the armies of Wakanda, prepared to go into battle. This shouldn't come as a surprise, considering we last left Bucky re-entering cryo-freeze in T'Challa's palace in the aftermath of Civil War--thankfully someone apparently took it upon themselves to thaw him out.

6. Bruce Banner

In addition to showing up in the promotional material across the board, Mark Ruffalo has talked at length about how he and Marvel Studios have come up with a Hulk trilogy-style story arc to span across Thor: Ragnarok, Infinity War, and its yet unnamed sequel--so rest assured, Bruce Banner is going to be around in the MCU for a while longer.

7. Thor

Fresh off his own solo film, Thor (Chris Hemsworth) is about to collide head-long into the MCU's other cosmic property, the Guardians of the Galaxy. We've seen hints at just where Thor's story is going to be taking him in Infinity War in Thor: Ragnarok's post-credits sequences as well as in the trailer where he gets to greet his new-found compatriots with a perplexed "who the hell are you guys?"

8. Loki

In addition to being on Thor's escape ship at the end of Ragnarok, Loki (Tom Hiddleston) has also been spotted in the trailers and poster. From the looks of it, he's got his eyes set on the Tesseract, or, as it'll probably soon be known, the Space Stone. Considering Loki spent his time in the first Avengers movie as the wielder of the Mind Stone in the form of his Chitauri scepter, this probably isn't all that surprising.

9. Valkyrie

Thor: Ragnarok newcomer Valkyrie (Tessa Thompson) is still technically listed as "rumored" on the movie's IMDB page, however, eagle eyed fans spotted Thompson in Edinburgh, Scotland during filming alongside co-stars Chris Hemsworth and Mark Ruffalo making, Valkyrie's return seem all but assured.

10. Clint Barton

The actual publicity surrounding Hawkeye (Jeremy Renner) in the movie has been a little bit vague--he didn't even get a cute twitter hashtag emoji for the Super Bowl teaser that aired last week. However, set photos have confirmed that he will be in the movie--but maybe not in the way you're expecting. Instead, Renner was spotted wearing a new costume that bears a striking resemblance to another one of Clint Barton's alter-egos, a ninja-themed superhero identity called Ronin which Clint adopted in the comics in the early 2000s.

11. Laura Barton

Introduced back in Age of Ultron, Laura Barton (Linda Cardellini) was Clint's surprise wife, who he lived with when not out on Avengers duty on a quiet, hidden farm somewhere in New York. Unsurprisingly, she has yet to make any other appearances in MCU films since, not even Civil War, where she was hand waved out of the picture by Clint explaining Cap "did him a favor" by calling him in to help. However, Cardellini was featured in a promotional Vanity Fair photoshoot and later listed on IMDB for the film, meaning we're on our way to a Barton family reunion.

12. Scott Lang

Like Hawkeye, Ant-Man (Paul Rudd) was also left out of the twitter hashtag emoji festivities during the Superbowl--and not included in the official poster--but that doesn't mean we won't be seeing a return of Scott Lang before his second feature outing, Ant-Man & The Wasp, which is slated for release later this year. Rudd's been spotted and photographed on set, as well as featured in the Vanity Fair promotional photoshoot.

(Ant-Man's counterpart, The Wasp aka Hope Pym (Evangeline Lilly), confirmed during a Q&A on her Instagram that she will only be featured, however briefly, in the untitled 4th Avengers film, currently nearing the end of filming.)

13. James Rhodes?

War Machine (Don Cheadle) can be seen rocketing into battle alongside the armies of Wakanda, hovering just beside the Hulk as Cap and Black Panther lead the charge--So, apparently, whatever invention Tony was working on to help his buddy Rhodey make a recovery after his Captain America: Civil War injuries was a success. Or it's someone else in that armor.

14. Stephen Strange

Dr. Strange (Benedict Cumberbatch) has been upping his cameo game in recent MCU installments as he gears up to take on one of the leading parts in Infinity War. He's heavily featured in the trailers and other promotional material--which definitely makes sense, as his Eye of Agamotto is currently housing the Time Stone.

15. Wong

Dr. Strange's right hand man, Wong (Benedict Wong) has been seen standing--you guessed it--right alongside Strange himself in the main trailer.

16. T'Challa

Fresh off his own solo big screen debut, Black Panther (Chadwick Boseman) is primed and ready to be one of Infinity War's main anchors. Not only is he a major part of the trailer, but the entire nation of Wakanda seems to be one of the story's most prominent settings--fitting for a king to take point when it's his kingdom being threatened.

17. Shuri

Another Black Panther alum, Shuri (Letita Wright) is set to make an appearance representing Wakanda in Infinity War. Based on the prequel comic, Shuri is directly responsible for the anti-brainwashing efforts used on Bucky Barnes (and most likely or his new cybernetic arm) so this one was a bit of a given even before Wright's casting was confirmed on IMDB.

18. Okoye

The leader of the Dora Milaje, Wakanda's all-female elite special forces-slash-secret service unit, Okoye (Danai Gurira) can be seen charging into battle alongside T'Challa himself in the full length trailer.

19. M'Baku

M'Baku (Winston Duke) was confirmed on IMDB to be appearing in the movie.

20. Ramonda

The Black Panther hits keep on coming, giving us an even clearer picture of the importance of Wakanda in the next phase of the MCU. The queen mother herself, Ramonda (Angela Bassett), has been listed on IMDB to be reprising her role, not long after she appeared in the promotional Vanity Fair photoshoot.

21. The Chitauri

A throwback to the first Avengers film, the alien race the Chitauri have recently been making their presence known all over again in movies like Spider-Man: Homecoming and the Infinity War prelude comic as heroes struggle to deal with the fallout of their alien tech falling into the wrong hands. But it looks like their weapons may not be the only part of the Chitauri that are going to be popping back up--set photos have confirmed either a time travel scene or some sort of flashback to the battle itself, as made evident by Captain America's classic costume.

22. Thanos

Surprise! After being teased for six years, the Mad Titan himself, Thanos (Josh Brolin), is finally showing up to fulfill his villainous destiny.

23. Black Dwarf

Thanos isn't coming to Earth alone. This year at D23, Marvel revealed maquettes of his Black Order, the posse of generals he travels the galaxy with who are, generally, up to all kinds of no good. The largest of the lot is Black Dwarf, a burly, Hulk-like beast. In the Infinity crossover event over on the comics side of things, Black Dwarf was introduced under special assignment to invade Wakanda on Thanos' order.

24. Ebony Maw

The second Black Order general to be concerned about, Ebony Maw is a lithe, almost featureless alien who carries no noticeable weapons. Instead, Ebony Maw relies on mentally manipulating his victims. During his introduction in Infinity, Ebony Maw specifically targeted Dr. Strange.

25. Corvus Glaive

The Black Order's de facto leader under Thanos, Corvus Glaive is immortal so long as he bears his special glaive staff. During Infinity, Corvus was originally assigned a full assault against the Jean Grey School for Higher Learning, something which the MCU does not have a direct equivalent of, so where he might end up in his live action incarnation is still anybody's guess.

26. Proxima Midnight

The final member of the Black Order reveal at D23, Proxima Midnight is Corvus Glaive's wife. During Infinity, she was sent to hunt down the Infinity Gem housed in Atlantis--making her mission in Infinity War, much like her husband's, a little harder to guess.

27. Peter Quill

We've already seen Peter Quill (Chris Pratt) and his team in Infinity War's trailers and poster, but even if we hadn't, the final collision of the Guardians with Marvel's earth-based heroes is one of the most anticipated elements of Infinity War for fans, so, yeah, of course Star-Lord is going to be around.

28. Nebula

Of course, Peter isn't the only Guardians staple poised to show up. Nebula (Karen Gillen) has already been featured prominently on the Infinity War poster and shown mid-battle during the 30 second Super Bowl spot, which, considering she is one of Thanos's daughters, is hardly out of left field.

29. Gamora

Nebula, of course, isn't the only daughter of Thanos we've got in the MCU. Gamora (Zoe Saldana) has been spotted in both the Infinity War trailer and poster.

30. Groot

Fan favorite Groot (Vin Disel) has grown up a lot since Guardians 2 when we last saw him. No longer a baby, teen Groot has been spotted (texting, no less) in the cockpit of a spaceship in the Super Bowl teaser.

31. Rocket Racoon

Where there's Groot, there's Rocket. Rocket Raccoon (Bradley Cooper) has predictably been spotted piloting the ship with Groot and Thor in the 30 second teaser and taking up a generous corner of the official poster.

32. Drax

Unsurprisingly, Drax the Destroyer (Dave Bautista) has also been confirmed right along with his fellow Guardians. You can catch him on the poster, and hanging with his team on the Milano as Thor meets them for the first time.

33. Mantis

The last Guardian to be checked off the list, recent addition Mantis (Pom Klementieff) can also be clocked on both the official poster and standing with the crew as Thor makes his entrance.

34. Wanda Maximoff

Wanda Maximoff (Elizabeth Olsen) has already been prominently featured in the first trailer at the center of one of the movie's immerging romances. Unlike several of her Avengers colleagues, Wanda has not been given a dramatic makeover and instead can be seen sharing a tender moment with Vision in what looks like an apartment.

35. Vision

If Cap's beard and Natasha's blonde hair were major change ups, Vision's (Paul Bettany) Infinity War appearance is a complete reinvention. Now disguised to look almost completely human (save for the glowing Infinity Stone in his forehead), Vision and Wanda have apparently stolen themselves away to make a go of a normal life and a relationship--one that, if scenes from the trailer are any indication, might be pretty short lived.

36. Peter Parker

One of the very first confirmed cast members, Spider-Man (Tom Holland) is getting a couple of upgrades for Infinity War. First, spotted in action in the trailer, is a brand new suit, based on the comics' "Iron Spider" design. The second is a change up to just how the infamous Spider Senses work, visually. In the trailer, while Peter is riding the bus in his civilian life, we see the hair on his arms literally spring up, just in time for him to look over his shoulder and spot an invading alien craft over New York.

Strangely, Aunt May (Marisa Tomei) confirmed via interview that she will not be in the movie or its sequel, so it looks like Peter is on his own as far as family is concerned for this one.

37. Ned Leeds

Peter's best friend and semi-unwilling confidant Ned (Jacob Batalon) confirmed via interview that he'll be reprising his role for Infinity War--but whether or not we'll get to see Ned be the "man in the chair" for the whole team of Avengers rather than just Peter is still definitely up in the air.

The rest of Peter's high school friends, including MJ (Zendaya), Liz (Laura Harrier), and Flash (Tony Revolori), have yet to be officially confirmed--but if Ned's around, it's safe to hope they'll be cropping up, if only for a split second.

38. The Collector

Taneleer Tivan (Benicio del Toro) aka The Collector, who was featured in Guardians of the Galaxy in all his eccentric, over the top glory, has been confirmed via IMDB for Infinity War. He's the current holder of red Reality Stone (introduced in Thor: The Dark World as "Aether") so it's probably safe to assume his appearance is going to come when Thanos knocks on the door of his intergalactic museum.

39. Pepper Potts

Tony's assistant and fiance, Pepper Potts (Gwyneth Paltrow), only recently made her return to the MCU during Spider-Man: Homecoming, where Tony popped the question in the movie's final moments. She's been confirmed via Paltrow herself, who dropped some major hints during an interview with Stephen Colbert about the role Pepper's going to play going forward. Those powers she got all the way back in Iron Man 3? They might even be coming back.

40. Happy Hogan

The other key part of Tony Stark's civilian entourage, driver and Spider-Man wrangler Happy Hogan (Jon Favreau) will be returning to Infinity War after his featured part in Spider-Man: Homecoming. Favearu teasingly confirmed his role in an interview with Jimmy Kimmel last year.

41. Nick Fury

Despite some initial confusion as to whether Nick Fury (Samuel L. Jackson) would be returning to the MCU at all post-Age of Ultron, he was recently spotted on set filming alongside fellow S.H.I.E.L.D agent Maria Hill. There's still the potential that Fury will only be featured in Infinity War's unnamed follow-up, but given Fury's integral role in the formation of the Avengers in the MCU, it's unlikely his presence will go completely ignored in both movies.

42. Maria Hill

In addition to being spotted filming with Nick Fury, Maria Hill (Cobie Smulders) confirmed her own involvement in the project all the way back in 2016 with an interview Jimmy Kimmel.

43. Jack Rollins

In maybe one of the most out-of-left-field Infinity War confirmations, Jack Rollins (Callan Mulvey) has been credited on IMDB to reprise his role--but don't worry if you don't recognize the name at all. Rollins was an agent featured in Captain America: The Winter Soldier--but he hasn't been seen since. What Rollins might be doing now is really anyone's guess. Maybe some sort of Winter Soldier-era flashback or time travel?

44. Hank Pym

Recently, actor Sebastian Stan (Bucky Barnes) confirmed that he was on set with Michael Douglas (Hank Pym) for a giant shot in Infinity War. This is the first time we've gotten confirmation about Pym's appearance in the movie. It sounds like his appearance is going to be pretty brief.

45. Janet Van Dyne

Sebastian Stan commented about being on set with Michelle Pfeiffer, who was cast as Janet Van Dyne, a character who was thought to be dead--or, at least, lost to the microverse--in Ant-Man. It's difficult to say what Jan's appearance in Infinity War actually means, especially before she officially debuts in Ant-Man and The Wasp later this year, but the fact that she'll be appearing (apparently) next to the Winter Soldier seems to hint that she's not as missing in action as we previously thought.

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