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Jessica Jones needs to step up.

Netflix's Jessica Jones has been officially renewed for Season 3 and while we may not have much in the way of information yet, it's never too early to start compiling a good old fashioned wish list.

With Jessica on the outs with most of her close friends, shouldering some traumatic (but ultimately cathartic) revelations about her own past, and continuing to deal her demons, the list of potential storylines for Season 3 is a mile long. But with the potential for great reward comes great risk. The choppy wake of Season 2 means there's still work to be done, and not all of it will be pretty.

What are you hoping for from Jessica Jones Season 3? Let us know in the comments.

10. AKA Hellcat

When we last saw Trish Walker, she was exhibiting some extremely interesting abilities that we can only assume are the result of Dr. Malus's near-fatal surgical procedure. She caught her phone with the top of her foot in what you might call a display of cat-like reflexes.

Puns aside, both seasons one and 2 haven't exactly been subtle with their foreshadowing of Trish's eventual superheroic turn. In the comics, she dawns a fashionable neon yellow jumpsuit and goes by Hellcat. Even if they forego the yellow spandex, it's definitely time for Trish to adopt the codename in Jessica Jones Season 3.

9. The Start of Heroes for Hire

Jeri Hogarth rounded out this season by officially starting her very own legal firm alongside Foggy Nelson and Jessica's ex-associate Malcolm. Add to that her connections to Rand Industries of Iron Fist fame and you've got a perfect recipe for a live action spin on the comics' Heroes for Hire initiative.

The comics version of Heroes for Hire was originally Luke Cage and Danny Rand with Hogarth acting as "secretary," but over the years the roster has evolved and changed upward of six or seven times, with Jessica herself as a founding member of the most recent incarnation. There's certainly a precedent.

8. Better Villains

Walking in the shadow of the Purple Man is a challenge that, unfortunately, proved to be just too much to shoulder this season. With Jessica's own mother, Alisa, and the largely forgettable Dr. Karl Malus left to carry the season, things quickly began to stumble as they tried to keep up the superhero show momentum. For Season 3, we're going to need a better and more defined villain if things are going to pick up steam.

7. Jessica & Trish, Reassembled

Obviously the biggest hurdle Season 3 is going to have to clear is the flat out destruction of one of its core relationships. No one can blame Jessica and Trish for going their separate ways after the way everything went down in Jessica Jones Season 2, but keeping them apart for too long will be a serious detriment to the show in the long run. If rebuilding that relationship isn't one of the main focus points of next season, there might be trouble.

6. Use Shared Universe Space

One of the most obvious head-scratchers about Season 2 was its complete lack of connectivity to the larger Marvel Netflix shared universe. You would have honestly been hard pressed to even realize that the events of Defenders had taken place at all if you'd only sat down to watch this show.

Of course, while some of the separation is definitely a feature rather than a bug, if Jessica's going to start growing as a hero, she's going to need to start participating in the space created by these shows a bit more, which means...

5. More Luke, Please

The on-again-off-again romance between Jessica and Luke Cage has the potential to be a really great foundational element for the Marvel Netflix universe moving forward, but if they're going to start featuring that dynamic the way it really deserves to be featured, Luke's going to have to actually, you know, show up from time to time.

Of course Jessica's new boyfriend might make things a little complicated, but hey, that's drama, right?

4. Jeri Breaks Bad

If acting as legal liaison for the Heroes for Hire is out of the question, we want to see Jeri finally break bad. With her days officially numbered and her already pretty shady behavior getting shadier by the minute, she'd be a great candidate for a full on heel turn at some point next season. Maybe she could even solve the show's villain problem.

3. Resolution for Malcolm

While Jessica and Malcolm's relationship isn't as critical to repair as Jessica and Trish, there are obviously some things that still need ironing out, especially now that Malcolm is working with Jeri and Cheng. Things are either going to need to be nailed down in a way that a continuation of the friendship is totally untenable or they're going to have to do some serious work to get back in each other's good graces--they're too good a dynamic to let sit in an awkward middle ground for too long.

2. A Face Turn, For Real

One of the biggest thematic undercurrents of Season 2 was Jessica's need to use her powers for good while simultaneously wanting nothing to do with the superhero business. That did what it needed to do for this run of episodes, but won't carry on much further. Jessica needs to finally commit to being a hero for real if she's going to carry another season. She doesn't have to absolutely love every second of it, but a little less refusal to act or to care would do nicely. Jessica needs to grow as a character.

1. Pick Up The Pace

The mortal enemy of every Marvel Netflix show so far has been pacing, but Jessica Jones Season 2 exemplified the issue in spectacular fashion. With a burn so slow it felt totally tepid, it took a concentrated effort to actually make it to the good stuff, which, for a show designed to be binge watched, isn't really the best way to go about things.

Season 3 is going to need to be better about finding its footing and organizing its storylines in early episodes if they want to keep fans attention.

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