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25. Savitar

First appearance: Season 3, Episode 6

Savitar is the third major villain to be a speedster on the series -- one of six in total. Because of this, it's hard for him to be interesting, and the reveal that he was an alternate version of Barry was just silly.

Image: The CW

24. Music Meister

First appearance: Season 3, Episode 17

Music Meister wasn't particularly intimidating or vicious. He did, however, trap The Flash and Supergirl in a musical coma nightmare. While his stay was short-lived, it certainly does stand out.

Image: The CW

23. Rainbow Raider

First appearance: Season 1, Episode 8

The most notable of the Rogues, this emotion manipulator gets credit for turning The Flash against the Arrow in the first crossover between the two shows.

Image: The CW

22. Multiplex

First appearance: Season 1, Episode 2

With the power to instantly create an unlimited number of clones of himself, Multiplex could have been one of The Flash's best villains. Unfortunately, it takes very little for the team to end his threat.

Image: The CW

21. Clock King

First appearance: Season 1, Episode 7

Clock King is the first Arrow villain exported to The Flash. While you might think that makes him a major force in the Arrowverse, it certainly didn't feel like it. He was one of two villains in this episode -- specifically, the one without special powers.

Image: The CW

20. Bug-Eyed Bandit

First appearance: Season 1, Episode 18

Brie Larvan is one of The Flash's smartest villains. While small in stature, she developed tiny, robotic bees to do her bidding.

She's the first villain that originated on The Flash before appearing on Arrow.

Image: The CW

19. Zoom

First appearance: Season 2, Episode 1

The biggest villain of Season 2, Zoom was somebody the team thought they could trust. Secretly, though, he was an evil speedster trying to destroy them. So the show essentially repeated the plot of Season 1.

Still, Zoom deserves some credit for introducing the multiverse.

Image: The CW

18. Trajectory

First appearance: Season 2, Episode 16

She may be a villain-of-the-week, but Trajectory deserves credit for being the show's first female speedster. That's right: Before Jesse Quick suited up to join Team Flash, Trajectory made their lives miserable with her super speed.

Image: The CW

17. Mirror Master

First appearance: Season 3, Episode 4

Mirror Master has the ability to use mirrors as portals, which is very useful for robbing places and getting away. In the end, though, he wasn't a match for The Flash's speed or the brains of the team.

Image: The CW

16. Black Flash

First appearance: Season 2, Episode 23

When Hunter Zolomon is defeated and destroyed by the Speed Force for altering time, he becomes the Black Flash, a decaying remnant of his former self bound to the Speed Force forever. There's no telling when fans will see Black Flash again, but it's bound to be a haunting moment when it happens.

Image: The CW

15. Black Siren

First appearance: Season 2, Episode 22

An evil doppelgänger of Laurel Lance from Earth-2, Black Siren is the type of villain that hurts the most. Earth-1's Laurel was a close friend of the team prior to her death; her duplicate tormenting them was a lot to handle.

Black Siren didn't reach her full potential until she jumped ship to Arrow, however.

Image: The CW

14. Clifford DeVoe

First appearance: Season 4, Episode 1

DeVoe framed Barry for murder to break the team's spirit. He truly is the most genius of The Flash's foes. Given that he's still wreaking havoc on the show, there's no telling how much more damage the Thinker can inflict.

Image: The CW

13. General Eiling

First appearance: Season 1, Episode 5

General Eiling attempted to wield another metahuman as his personal weapon of mass destruction. He was also, at one time, the mind-controlled plaything of Grodd. And yet, he survives.

Image: The CW

12. Girder

First appearance: Season 1, Episode 6

Girder is two villains in one. In Season 1, he could turn his body into steel. But it's his Season 2 return as a zombie that cements his place in The Flash's top villains: There's nothing scarier than a zombie with superpowers.

Image: The CW

11. Golden Glider

First appearance: Season 1, Episode 16

While Captain Cold's sister wasn't able to live up to his reputation, she certainly makes an impact. Opting for a gun that shoots molten gold gives her a certain flair.

Image: The CW

10. Pied Pier

First appearance: Season 1, Episode 11

The Pied Piper's most dangerous assets are his brain and connection to the STAR Labs team. Long before Barry was a meta, this villain was a coworker of Cisco and Caitlin. Unfortunately, he's turned evil and uses that personal connection against them.

He's also none too pleased to have been replaced in the trio by Barry.

Image: The CW

9. Weather Wizard

First appearance: Season 1, Episode 15

The big brother of The Flash's first villain can manipulate the weather in some pretty scary ways. Through creating tornados and torrential storms, Weather Wizard is a valuable asset to the Rogues.

Image: The CW

8. Killer Frost

First appearance: Season 1, Episode 23

Caitlin Snow is one of the nicest people in the multiverse -- and one of the most important members of Team Flash. And yet, she's also one of the show's biggest villains.

When her metahuman powers were unlocked, she developed split personalities. You don't want to get on either one's bad side.

Image: The CW

7. King Shark

First appearance: Season 2, Episode 4

What's there to say about King Shark, other the obvious? This metahuman is a giant, walking shark. He's also one of the show's most creative villains -- one we never thought we'd see adapted from the comics.

Image: The CW

6. The Trickster

First appearance: Season 1, Episode 17

The Trickster, played by Mark Hamill, is absolutely unforgettable. And as the only villain to appear in The Flash television series from 1990-1, he also has a lot of history to him. Underneath it all though, Trickster is a playful, silly, and incredibly vicious villain that takes a lot of cues from the Joker. He ruins lives and does it with a smile.

Image: The CW

5. Time Wraiths

First appearance: Season 2, Episode 17

These ghostly beings are the guardians of the Speed Force, protecting it from speedsters who abuse their power. Given how often Barry broke the rules in the first few seasons of the show, they're constantly paying him a visit with the threat of killing him -- or doing to him what they did to Black Flash.

While the Wraiths are technically villains, you do have to wonder if the abusing speedster is the actual bad guy.

Image: The CW

4. Grodd

First appearance: Season 1, Episode 21

This meta ape has superior intelligence, strength, and size, so it should come as no surprise how big of a challenge he was in Season 1. However, it wasn't until the team jumped into the multiverse and landed in Gorilla City -- a place filled with apes like Grodd -- that his true power was seen.

Image: The CW

3. Heat Wave

First appearance: Season 1, Episode 10

Heat Wave is either the nicest bad guy you'll ever meet or the absolute worst good guy. After being given his fire-spewing gun by Captain Cold, the two formed the Rogues to carry out crimes.

Still, while he's rough around the edges, Heat Wave isn't all bad. Underneath that gruff exterior (and his need to steal from people) is a teddy bear. A foul-mouthed teddy bear.

Image: The CW

2. Captain Cold

First appearance: Season 1, Episode 4

The Flash's first long-term villain isn't a metahuman or somebody looking to destroy the world. He's simply a thief with a gun that can turn you to ice. Captain Cold brings style to his wrongdoing, which is why he's such a fan favorite.

Image: The CW

1. Eobard Thawne

First appearance: Season 1, Episode 1

Whereas fans love Captain Cold, there's nothing but hate for Barry's mentor, Eobard Thawne. Once he was revealed to be the Reverse Flash, he and Barry entered into the ultimate teacher vs. student showdown.

Years later, Eobard is still a thorn in the team's side.

Image: The CW

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