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Chasing Princess Peach

Once you finish Super Mario Odyssey's main story, Princess Peach takes a well-deserved vacation and tours the Kingdoms you’ve visited throughout the game. If you find her, she’ll reward you with a Power Moon and give you some clues pointing you towards her next destination. While it's fun to figure this out yourself, there's a chance you might have trouble finding the princess. To help expedite your search, we've put together a guide detailing where she is in each Kingdom. Be wary, there are major spoilers ahead.

Super Mario Odyssey is out now for Nintendo Switch, and it's the latest installment of Nintendo's tenured franchise. You once again control Mario as he works to rescue Princess Peach from Bowser. But this time around, he has the help of a new hat sidekick named Cappy, who he can throw at certain objects or enemies to temporarily possess them and use their unique abilities.

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Cap Kingdom

Peach begins her journey as you did in the Cap Kingdom. You can find her near the bridge to the tower past the Crazy Cap shop hanging out with Tiara. Talk to her to get your first Power Moon.

Cascade Kingdom

To find Peach in the Cascade Kingdom, warp to Fossil Falls Heights and she'll be hanging out on the cliff's edge listening to the nearby waterfall.

Sand Kingdom

In the Sand Kingdom, warp to the Tostarena Ruins Round Tower and take the electricity wire all the way to the top of the inverted pyramid. Peach and Tiara will be hanging out next to a Jaxi statue.

Wooded Kingdom

Warp to the Iron Mountain Path Station 8 and head up the nearby ramp. Activate the P block and jump your way up the path leading to the top of the tower to find Peach on top.

Lake Kingdom

Peach is easy to find in the Lake Kingdom. Warp to Water Plaza Terrace and she’ll be at the top of the stairs watching the waves.

Cloud Kingdom

The Cloud Kingdom is pretty small, so it’s even easier to find Peach. Head up the platforms and to find her standing at the edge of the level taking in the scenery.

Lost Kingdom

Peach can be found shopping near the Crazy Cap store in the Lost Kingdom. Warp to the Rocky Mountain Summit and she’ll be waiting for you there.

Metro Kingdom

Once you arrive in the Metro kingdom, warp to the Rooftop Garden, and then use the electrical wire to get between buildings. When you arrive, use the orange posts and boxes to reach the top of the tallest building in town.

Snow Kingdom

To find Peach in the Snow Kingdom, warp to the Above The Ice Well checkpoint in Shiveria Town and jump down the hole. Peach can be found in the stands down the hall, waiting for the races to start.

Seaside Kingdom

To find Peach in the Seaside Kingdom, use one of the waterspouts on the seashore to launch yourself up into the sky and to the center where the boss sat previously. Do this right and you'll land on the center platform where the princess can be found hanging out.

Luncheon Kingdom

The Luncheon Kingdom is hosting a celebration after Bowser’s defeat. You can find Peach in Proenza Plaza; she's standing past the shop waiting for her serving next to the big vat of stew waiting for her serving.

Ruined Kingdom

Like the Cloud Kingdom, the Ruined Kingdom is also a small area, which means Peach is once again easy to find. Simply head back to where you faced the dragon boss and Peach will be nearby keeping the reptile company.

Bowser’s Kingdom

Leaving no kingdom out, peach even explores Bowser’s Kingdom. To find her, warp to the souvenir shop and she'll be standing nearby its entrance with Tiara.

Moon Kingdom

To find Peach, go behind the church, capture the frog, and climb onto the roof of the chapel. You'll see her taking in the sights just under the church bells.

Mushroom Kingdom

Peach also returns to the Mushroom Kingdom after her travels are complete; she sets up shop on the castle balcony. To get to her, proceed behind the castle to find a scarecrow and throw Cappy at it to spawn stairs. This will take you to roof where you can easily jump down to greet Princess Peach and claim your last Power Moon.

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