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Choosing a Race That Suits Your Playstyle

With the Switch port of The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim finally out, there are a wealth of new players jumping into the classic adventure for the first time. As those who've played the game know, choosing a race for your character is an important decision. Each race sports its own distinct characteristics, skills, and playstyles. To help you decide which one is right for you, we've compiled general details on each.

Skyrim is out now on Nintendo Switch. For more on how it fairs on Nintendo's convertible console, you can read our The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim on Switch review. Critic Kallie Plagge says it's "one of the best Switch ports currently available." If you're curious the game's Amiibo support, here are all the items that unlock when you scan a Zelda Amiibo.

The game was first released in 2011 for PS3, Xbox 360, and PC, before coming to PS4 and Xbox One in October 2016 through the Special Edition. A version of the game for the PS4's PlayStation VR is out now.


Argonians make for great thieves and assassins, possessing Skill bonuses in lockpicking, sneaking, and light armor. As an added perk, they also have the ability to breathe underwater. And with a high resistance to disease, Argonians are a great fit for those looking to play a resilient, stealthy character that can navigate environments in ways that others cannot.


If you're interested in spellcasting, Breton is a solid choice. They sport a 25% Resistance to Magic and a proficiency at most kinds of magic. Their Dragonskin ability is incredibly useful, as it allows them to absorb 50% of magical damage inflicted upon them and convert it into Magicka. In addition, Breton receive small bonuses in Conjuration and Alchemy.

Dark Elf

Dark Elves offer a great balance of stealth and magical talent, which makes them ideal as thieves or assassins. While they easily fall into these roles, their proficiency in offensive magic shouldn't be underestimated; Dark Elves wield the highest starting statistic in Destruction spellcasting. This race is recommended if you enjoy a mix of stealth, magic, and swordplay.

High Elf

Thanks to their increased Magicka and Magicka regeneration traits, High Elves make for great starting Mages. As one of the most gifted races in the arcane arts, High Elves are a prime choice if you're looking to commit fully into spellcasting.


Imperials sport a broad skill set that makes them a great fit for those interested in creating their own hybrid class builds. They're well rounded, but their lack of focus could cause issues if you don't have a plan. Imperials also sport an interesting perk that makes them more gold, as well as an ability that allows them to stop enemies from attacking for 60 seconds.


The Khajiit's proficiency in stealth makes them exemplary thieves, assassins, and archers. With their claws, they make for strong hand-to-hand combatants, as they get a natural +15 attack bonus. Khajiit also have the ability to see in the dark, which is of great use when sneaking up on or avoiding enemies. Be wary; Khajiit encounter a fair amount of racism from NPCs.


Nords are one Skyrim's native races; their strength and natural resistance to frost magic makes them perfect as warriors, barbarians, or scouts. The race sports a distinct starting ability called Battlecry, which causes enemies to flee in terror. In addition, Nords receive a skill bonus when wielding heavy two-handed weapons.


Orcs are well suited for warrior roles, as their natural skills align with physical combat; the variety in their skill bonuses also allows them to become incredibly powerful. It helps that Orcs can go into Berserker Rage, an ability that allows them to deal double damage and take half damage from enemies.


Redguards possess a notable prowess in combat with their high proficiency for using one-handed weapons. Their poison resistance helps to withstand lethal poisons, while their Adrenaline Rush ability allows for amplified stamina regeneration. While Redguards make for good defensive warriors, they can also wield Alteration and Destruction magic, which makes them solid hybrid warrior/mage candidates.

Wood Elf

Wood Elves are ideal for anyone looking to specialize in archery; they possess the highest starting statistic for the skill. With a resistance to both poison and disease, they're viable candidates for anyone looking to be a thief, scout, or assassin. And they can even command animals to do their bidding if arrows aren't enough to do the job.

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