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Zombie Survival

Call of Duty’s long-running Zombies cooperative mode requires players to use all their first-person shooter skills to survive. At this point, fans know a lot of the ins and outs of how the mode works, but each Call of Duty game changes things around just enough to keep the mode fresh and interesting. Call of Duty: WW2’s Nazi Zombies mode adjusts the formula in some key ways, guiding players through some things, but leaving other things for you to discover along the way.

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Making it through Nazi Zombies isn’t quite like anything else Call of Duty: WW2 has to offer. It requires teamwork, coordination, planning and skillful execution to keep yourself and your teammates alive. Here are a few handy tips that should help you stop from joining the ranks of the undead yourself.

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Melee Enemies For A Bigger Payout

A well-known trick for saving ammo in Zombies is to whack enemies with a melee attack after shooting them, specifically on the lower waves. In Nazi Zombies, you can do the same thing to earn additional Jolts, the currency you need to open doors and buy new guns. Early on especially, you might want to stow your guns altogether and try to smack down as many zombies as possible.

You also have a special "heavy" melee attack you can do with your shovel by pulling it out as your main weapon. When you hold the aim button with the shovel like you would to aim down the sights of your gun, you can execute a zombie by popping off its head. You’ll get more Jolts for doing so, as well as occasionally get additional ammo and grenades for your trouble. Use the melee early on to earn extra Jolts early and use them to get ahead on your objectives.

Coordinate And Customize Your Abilities And Loadout

Nazi Zombies adds an extra layer of strategy to the usual Zombies formula. When you pick your character, you can choose from one of four character classes that give you perks and a special ability. They let you become invisible to zombies, draw them away from other players, or fire your guns without worrying about running out of ammo.

Picking the right abilities for your team is key to working well with other players. You don’t just want elements that augment your play style, you want those that will complement those of your teammates as well. Make sure you’re not piling up on the same abilities as your teammates, and pick a role that will help you win.

Communicate To Stay Live

Nazi Zombies is all about coordination. The mode is at its best when played with other people who are willing to work together. You’ll get the furthest in Nazi Zombies when you have good players you can work together; it’s definitely not a game mode in which you can lone wolf your way through it.

As you push through Nazi Zombies, you’ll need to rely on your team to keep each other alive, deal with zombies as they grow ever more deadly, and coordinate to clear objectives. Talking to each other is the best way to get through the game, climb the leaderboards, and stay alive.

Customize Your Weapons

Like in the other Call of Duty: WW2 multiplayer modes, using weapons in Nazi Zombies earns you experience with those weapons. As you use various guns in The Final Reich, you’ll unlock new attachments for them just like in regular multiplayer. Earning new attachments means you can customize your guns between Nazi Zombies rounds, so that when you buy them on the map, they’ll be set just the way you like them. Use weapon customization to give yourself an edge in the battle against the undead, and to make yourself as effective in the mode as you can.

Buy Blitzes And Be Careful About Keeping Them

As you earn Jolt as you play through a round of Nazi Zombies, you’ll want to try to spend it on upgrades for your character to keep yourself competitive as zombies become more and more powerful. In addition to buying armor and upgraded weapons from around the map, you’ll also want to grab Blitz powerups from wherever you can. Blitzes increase your melee power, make you faster at reloading and sprinting, and more.

Once you’ve started buying Blitz abilities, though, you’ll need to be even more careful about keeping yourself alive. When you fall in battle in Nazi Zombies, you don’t die right away, but instead start to bleed out while you wait for your team to revive you. When you’ve bought some blitzes, you’ll see icons on your bleedout timer--if the timer runs down past those icons, you’ll lose those blitzes and be forced to repurchase them. Stick close to your teammates so they can revive you quickly, and vice versa, to keep your team at full strength.

Make Pests Your Priority

At Wave five, a new type of enemy is introduced to the battle: a fast-moving, weaker type of zombie known as a Pest. These guys don’t have arms, so they’re forced to fling themselves at you--but they come faster than any other enemy on the field, and you’ll need to deal with them.

The good news is that Pests die quicker than most other enemies. You can reliably bring them down with melee attacks for quite a few waves as well. But you definitely want to take Pests out as soon as you see them. Their speed means they can overwhelm you quickly when you’re not paying attention, and they can make it tough for you to lead zombies around the map or strategize while you try to activate objectives. Drop them as soon as you see them to save your sanity.

Seek Out The Upgrade Station

One of your top priorities early in The Final Reich should be to locate and unlock the Pack-A-Punch station. This is the special terminal that upgrades your guns, and if you intend to go for the long haul in Nazi Zombies, you absolutely need it. It strengthens your guns to the tune of 5,000 Jolts, and as zombies become stronger as you get into later waves, you’ll definitely need the increase in strength.

You’ll find the Pack-A-Punch deep in the bunker, in the mortuary area. It’s not expensive to unlock, but it can be confusing--you need to flip a switch on the machine itself (when you find it, it’s protected by a cage), then find three yellow sewer pipes on the surface you can slide down. Once you’ve got it unlocked, pick the strongest guns you can to upgrade first to get the most for your money. The BAR is a good first option, as are the shotguns.

Share Your Jolts For A Stronger Team

You’ll need Jolts to buy guns and ammo and to unlock objectives, but especially as Nazi Zombies goes on, you’ll likely find some members of your team have a ton of Jolts, while others are spending them in a hurry. Luckily, you can share your wealth between teammates to help keep everyone fully loaded and at peak efficiency.

Use the D-Pad to share your Jolts when you have an abundance. You can toss Jolts on the ground this way for other players to pick them up. Keep an eye on everyone’s stats and currency count, and be vocal about asking for Jolts when you need them and sharing them when you don’t. It’s best to avoid a situation in which someone is desperate for money, so try to anticipate needs before they become dire to keep everyone healthy.

Ignore The Brutes

Not long after the Pests arrive, you’ll see big, lumbering zombie, outfitted in lots of metal and wielding a giant glub for an arm. These Brutes are their own kind of irritation: They’re slow but extremely tough, requiring lots of shots to bring down. They’re also more dangerous than regular zombies. The good news is, you can effectively ignore them most of the time without much difficulty.

Brutes move slowly and tend not to attack you until you attack them, provided you stay away from them. Regular zombies will demand more of your attention most of the time, and brutes don’t count toward completing a given wave. So as long as you don’t antagonize them or stray too close, you can usually just let brutes wander around without actually having to stop and deal with them. Keep an eye on them in a fight, but don’t waste your time taking them down until you really have to. They seem like they should be a priority, but it’s a ruse. Spend your ammo on culling the zombie herd instead.

Use Your Notebook Liberally

One big change to Nazi Zombies in Call of Duty: WW2 is that you’re given a notebook to track your objectives in the map, and you’ll get prompts that tell you in vague terms what you should be trying to do next. Instead of hunkering down trying to build barricades and survive as long as you can, the notebook puts you on the path to trigger Nazi Zombies’ final boss and complete its mission, The Final Reich. You can pull open the notebook any time to check your progress through the game mode, and to get some clues as to where you should be headed next.

The other handy thing about your journal is that it sometimes highlights important objects. It’s not foolproof--for some objectives, the point is making you search and explore the map — but often you’ll get hints about where you should go next or what object you should interact with. The journal will also direct you to weapon lockers when you’re running out of ammo for your guns. The notebook is an extremely useful tool, so use it a lot to keep yourself progressing.

There’s More Than One Path Through The Game

Call of Duty’s Zombies maps always have a bunch of story objectives to clear that allow you to achieve more in the game mode than just surviving waves of undead monsters for as long as you can manage. In Nazi Zombies in Call of Duty: WW2, those objectives are more obvious than they’ve ever been in previous games. But there are actually more objectives than the ones your characters discuss or show up on your screen — in fact, those objectives make up the "casual" path through Nazi Zombies, and there’s a more difficult "hardcore" path for players to discover.

Just because the path is called casual doesn’t make it easy, however. You’ll still have to complete tons of multi-stage objectives scattered throughout the map. But your objectives are much more obvious on the casual path. To find the hardcore path and the ending that comes with it, you’ll need to explore the map and check everything carefully. Unlocking the hardcore solution to Nazi Zombies is doable, but it’s going to take a lot more effort from players. Best to bring a top-notch zombie-smashing squad with you.

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