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How To Be A Nazi-Killing Machine

Wolfenstein II: The New Colossus is a no-nonsense narrative-driven first-person shooter focusing on mowing down as many Nazis as possible. Between stealth, perks, dual wielding, and ax throwing, there’s a lot to think about when entering a hostile environment. There's also plenty of collectables and activities to accomplish between missions aboard the Evas Hammer Resistance, the main base of the Resistance. To help you better your chances of survival in Wolfenstein II: The New Colossus for PS4, Xbox One, and PC, we've compiled 10 essential beginner's tips to follow.

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How Do Health And Armor Work?

The Health and Armor pickups that Blazkowicz finds in the heat of battle are the only things keeping him from death's door. After an intense battle, you’ll pretty much want to spam the pickup button when clearing through the aftermath of the carnage. Armor protects you from enemy fire and will tick down as you take damage. Armored enemies will always drop pieces of armor and scrap, which add to your counter. So be sure to loot them after defeating them.

Along with restoring your base health, restoration items also have an “Overcharge” mechanic. Any health pickups that put Blazkowicz's health above 50 puts him in an Overcharged state. His health can eventually get to 200, but will continuously tick down until it reaches 50. The best strategy to use is to pick up health and get in the action and put that extra health to good use before it’s gone.

How To Remain Stealthy

It’s always a good idea to start an area with stealth, especially in an area with a commander. You can always tell if there’s a commander nearby with an icon that appears at the top of the screen, indicating your distance from a commander. If that icon turns red, get ready for a fight because you’ve been spotted.

There are different ways to stay out of sight. You can sneak up behind enemies and execute a stealth takedown, silence your Pistole with a weapon upgrade and get a few quiet shots in, you can throw hatchets to take down enemies with a well aimed throw. If you choose the latter, be sure to go retrieve your ax if you can while staying hidden. Be sure to take advantage of the lean maneuver to keep yourself hidden. If you want to see what is waiting around a corner, lean instead of walking out and exposing yourself.

Don’t worry about the dead bodies you find along the way. Other enemies will notice them, but they won't sound the alarm. A good strategy to use is to silently take down an enemy with a stealth takedown or a silenced weapon, and then sit back and silently snipe the other enemies who approach the dead body to investigate.

Using The Map

If you’re obsessed with collecting stuff, Wolfenstein II has you covered. There are nearly 400 different items to collect throughout the game from the different levels and the main hub aboard the Evas Hamer. Fortunately, you don’t have to check every nook and cranny to find them all. The handy map in the mission menu reveals where everything is hidden. This makes finding the game’s many collectables much easier for completionists.

Additional maps are also scattered around the levels, offering additional intel on item locations. While these items can still be found without the maps, it's always best to stay up on item locations, especially if you think you may have left one behind.

Choosing Weapons To Dual Wield

Taking cues from Wolfenstein II, B.J. can dual-wield almost every weapon he gets his hands on. That means you can hold two of the same weapon type or mix and match them--such as holding a shotgun and machine gun at once. There are a couple good strategies to use when dual wielding your weapons.

It’s never a bad idea to choose one ranged weapon and a second weapon for close quarters. That way, you can eliminate enemies who are right in your face, and others who are charging in. There really isn’t a “one size fits all” approach to dual wielding, and you'll have to assess the situation and plan accordingly. For instance, if you’re up against a Panzerhund, you’re going to want range. The shotgun, as powerful as it is, isn’t going to do much for you. Equip two Sturmgewehrs and start pelting it from long range.

You can still dual-wield if you’re trying to be stealthy. Equip dual silenced Pistoles to quickly and silently eliminate Nazis without making a sound. However, there is a tradeoff to using two weapons at once. Keep in mind that dual-wielding isn’t as accurate as just holding one weapon and aiming down sight.

Weapon Upgrades

Weapon upgrade kits are scattered around the game world and are for one-time use. While you may be eager to put these kits to use and boost your gear, there are a couple things to consider before committing.. Each gun has three possible upgrades to unlock. Those upgrades can be turned off at will from the weapon menu, and can all be equipped at the same time. Once you apply an upgrade, it cannot be undone.

Take careful consideration in how you use these kits, as they're put to better use matching your particular playstyle. If you want to stick with a stealthy approach to battles, unlock that silencer for the Pistole first. Since there isn’t a sniper rifle in the game, unlocking the ranged scope for the Sturmgewehr isn’t a bad choice. Each of the weapon upgrades have their uses, so there is never really a bad choice.

Getting The Most Out Of Your Perks

After spending some time taking out the Nazi hordes, be sure to take a look at your progress on the perks page. While in action, you'll occasionally see prompts about various milestones, such as the number of heavy weapon kills and headshots you've landed. Head into the perks page to view your current progress across the Stealth, Mayhem, and Tactical trees. Once you accomplish a milestone, you can take advantage of the new boost to B.J's performance. If you see a perk you like, switch up your playstyle to make some progress towards unlocking it. Always keep an eye on the perk page, and put in the work to unlock the best skills that fit your Nazi-killing playstyle.

Juggling Heavy Weapons

As you're mowing down Nazis en masse, you'll eventually encounter tougher variants that need extra effort to put down, but the heavy weapons they drop. These guns come in either the Lasergewehr or Dieselgewehr. While they pack a serious punch, they can slow you down significantly. Plus, the heavy weapons need to warm-up before letting loose with their power.

It’s best to assess the situation and see if it’s a good time to use one of these power weapons. If you’re surrounded by a bunch of Nazi foot soldiers who have you pinned down, then it may be better to hold off on using them. The heavy weapons, while powerful, can turn you into an easy target, which is undeniably true on harder difficulties. If you’re up against a huge enemy tank, then definitely pick up a heavy weapon and use it. That’s when these weapons work best.

These heavy weapons are also a good way to conserve energy. Like the Laserkraftwerk and Dieselkraftwerk smaller arms, these heavy weapons run on electricity or fuel, which can be found in dispensers scattered around most levels. If you’re low on ammo for the guns in your inventory, heavy weapons can bail you out in a pinch.

Navigating The Evas Hammer

The enormous U-boat known as the Evas Hammer is the base of the American Resistance, and can be daunting to explore when finding your way around it between missions. The ship has long hallways, and dozens of different rooms where the crew holds meetings and just hangs out. As the story progresses, the ship’s crew will expand, opening more areas to explore.

It’s a good idea to explore the ship early and then check out the new areas once the crew expands. If collectables are your thing, the Hammer is littered with them, but don’t go crazy trying to collect them all from the beginning. Many of these collectables are behind locked doors and can only be found later in the game when those areas unlock.

The hammer isn’t only reserved for getting to know your crew. It can also be used for getting to know your weapons. Set put together a shooting range in the lower levels of the ship. You can check out any guns you’ve unlocked and take them for a spin. There’s even a leaderboard so you can see who’s the best marksman on the crew. Don’t get your hopes up though. There’s no reward for coming in first.

What To Do With Enigma Codes

While searching the bodies of fallen commanders, you'll collect an Enigma Code. While they don't seem useful initially, collecting these code will increase the perk that extends the length of time between when B.J. is spotted and the commander alarm sounds. Later in the game, you’ll use these codes to unlock the location of other commanders scattered across the country. You’ll then be able to charter a course to find and eliminate them in Deathcard missions.

The Enigma Codes themselves come up while exploring the Evas Hammer, which will lead to cutscenes with members of the crew.

Save Often

Wolfenstein II has a pretty good checkpoint system that autosaves your progress whenever you complete a task, kill a target or enter a new area, but you can also save and load your game whenever you wish. If you don’t trust the autosave system, be sure to take advantage of the game’s manual saves. Manual saves can especially be useful during Deathcard missions.

There aren’t any checkpoints in the Deathcard missions. So, if you die in the middle of one and didn’t save your game, you’re headed all the way back to the beginning of the mission. Some of these missions can be lengthy with a bunch of enemies, so be sure to save your progress before you go charging into an area with a Panzerhund and other armored Nazis.

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