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You've had three years to recover, but on October 13--a Friday the 13th to boot--Bethesda will invite players back to The Evil Within. Nothing will ever really make players truly ready for what twisted horrors are on the way, but here five things that might let you sleep a little better at night in the meantime.

You Know What She Did, Your Daughter?

While the first game's ending gave the impression protagonist Sebastian Castellanos might still have a bit of a Ruvik problem, The Evil Within 2 will go a different direction. Sebastian, fired from the police force for all his crazy talk about terrifying hell dimensions and giant guys wielding meat tenderizers, finds out that his daughter is still alive and is being held captive by shady corporation Mobius. She's being used to power a new STEM machine, which for those just tuning in, can create virtual worlds generated by the user's mind, ideally controlled by a greater, "parent" minds.

Lily's mind has created the small town of Union which, because this is The Evil Within, is now falling apart and playing host to a neverending nightmare. Sebastian is now on a quest to go to Union to save her, because what has ever gone wrong for a survival horror protagonist going to an evil town to rescue his daughter?

You Opened It, We Came

Compared to the linear corridors and claustrophobic spaces of the first game, the city of Union widens its perspective a bit, which gives players massive areas to traverse, with multiple ways to advance the story, backtrack, and find side missions. A new item, The Communicator, will help Sebastian with navigation and finding these new exploration opportunities. Not that the alternate paths are likely to be any less traumatizing, but it's nice to have options.

Welcome To The Losers Club

Sebastian's last trek into a STEM controlled mind had him going it mostly solo, with Ruvic scattering his team at every given opportunity. This time, he'll have a little more help from the sidelines, with fairweather double agent Juli Kidman providing a friendly voice over Sebastian's radio. And the Mobius forces stranded in Union may be more willing to put a bullet into the screeching beasts coming for their vital organs than they are putting one into Sebastian.

Give Me Back My Hand(held)

As it is with a lot of releases, the question's come up of whether Switch-owning folks should sit back and hold out for the horror to come to the console/handheld hybrid. Gamespot managed to get Shinji Mikami, who directed Evil Within, but stepped into the producer role for the sequel, to weigh in. The short version? Maybe.

"I think a Switch version would be interesting. I'd like to try it if I had the chance. First I'd like to buy a Switch myself. I had to borrow Zelda with the Switch from another staff member to play it."

Long Live The New Flesh

While Sebastian might have a few allies also dedicated to the cause of getting out of Union alive, there are at least two folks walking the streets who happen to think things are just fine as it is. Namely, Father Theodore, a priest who has his eye on making hell a place on Earth, and Stefano Valentino, a photographer who believes Lily could be the key to making a bloody art horror masterpiece.

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