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Divinity: Original Sin 2 is out now, and reviewer Brett Todd described it in GameSpot's review as "one of the most captivating role-playing games ever made." It's also a very robust game, which means it can be difficult to learn all its intricate systems.

In particular, the crafting system in Divinity: Original Sin 2 requires a lot of trial and error. That can be intimidating when you're trying to navigate its many menus and learn how everything works. But you're in luck; click forward to see 10 of the more useful--and interesting--crafting recipes you'll want along your adventure.

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If you've been playing for a bit, you might have a few spell scrolls you haven't used. Scrolls are useful in a pinch, but they're one-use; if you want to memorize the spell itself, you can combine it with a book from the same school of abilities to make a skillbook and unlock the full spell. For example, combining a Fireball scroll with a basic Pyrokinetic book will get you the Fireball skillbook.

Combination Skills

Once you have some skill books, you can create hybrid spells by combining skill books from different sets. There are a total of 48 new skills you can create by crafting an elemental book with a non-elemental book. For example, you can combine Necromancer and Hydrosophist skillbooks to get the Blood Rain skillbook.

Glowing Idol Of Rebirth

Want to cheat death, but you're low on resurrection scrolls? If you talk to Dorotya in the Undertavern beneath Driftwood during Act 2 and start the quest A Web of Desire, you have the opportunity to get an item called Ashen Idol of Rebirth. (If you miss it, you can always just pickpocket her.) If you combine it with a resurrection scroll, it will become the Glowing Idol of Rebirth, which will automatically resurrect you if you die.

Snow Boots

If you aren't careful, you and your party members can slip on icy surfaces, and slipping will cost you a turn in combat. But, if you combine nails with any footwear, it will permanently grant you immunity to slipping and falling. Definitely craft these before taking on cryomancers.

Poison Weapons

If you stumble upon an Ooze Barrel while out exploring, hold onto it! If you combine any weapon with a barrel of poison, that weapon will permanently gain poison effects. It won't add a ton of damage, but it will help you chip away at your enemies' health.

Attar Of The Blood Rose

If you've explored Radeka's Cave in Act 1, you'll know about the Blood Rose. There is only one in the game, so get it before you progress. If you combine the Blood Rose with an empty potion bottle, you'll get Attar of the Blood Rose. It gives a +1 bonus to all attributes until you die, so as long as you keep the party member who drank it alive, that's a fantastic permanent stat increase.

Charming Arrowheads

These are some of the most useful arrows in the game. You can craft them easily with honey; combine an arrow with a honey source to get a Charming Arrowhead. (We recommend beehives, since they have infinite nectar.) Hitting an enemy with one of these arrows will charm them into fighting for you for a few turns.

(Mostly) Infinite Lockpicks

Whenever you're running low on lockpicks, you can craft your own! You can combine nails and a repair hammer or soap and a key, and you'll get brand-new lockpicks for all your totally legitimate needs. Note that undead party members can also use their finger as an unlimited supply of lockpicks.

Potion Mixing

This one might seem obvious once you think about it, but it's very useful! You can combine minor healing potions to increase their potency, which is great when you've leveled a bit and the minor potions aren't cutting it. You can take a minor healing potion to a regular one all the way up to a giant healing potion for tons of health regen.

Prankster Poison

This one's for when you feel like messing with your co-op partner. Combine a flask of poison with red dye to get a "healing potion" that… will poison them, just for giggles.

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