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Top Skills

It's easy to get by with your party's base skills and abilities in your early runnings with Divinity: Original Sin II. However, as you progress, the need to acquire more powerful skills becomes paramount to your survival. For better or worse, there are a multitude to choose from. From the fiery devastation of Dragon's Blaze to the rogue-buffing Assassinate, there's something for everybody. But with so many skills to experiment with, it's not always easy to tell which skills are the best for you. To help acquaint you with the most effective skills in the game, we've compiled 12 of what we believe to be the best.

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For more about the acclaimed RPG, be sure to read our Divinity: Original Sin II review. The game is out now for PC, but it's been in Steam Early Access for almost a year. It's the sequel to our 2014 PC Game of the Year, Divinity: Original Sin, and it netted over $2 million from 40,000 fans on Kickstarter. It features over 1,200 characters, all of them fully voice-acted.

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Don't Be Afraid To Experiment

While we highlight some of the best skills in Divinity: Original Sin II, know that not all of what we mention here may be useful to you. We recommend creating a backup save to experiment with these skills, and then reload your game if they don't suit your fancy. The game is all about customization; after all, you're free to respec your character at any time in your ship.

As for how to acquire these skills, check the various vendors in Driftwood every half hour to see what new skill books they have in stock. Otherwise, scour the environment for skill books as you explore.

Aerotheurge Skill: Superconductor

Powerhouse air damage, arcing between multiple enemies--there is a lot to like about the Aerotheurge Superconductor. This skill is a fantastic addition to any character set and a great first strike option when tackling massed foes. It also shocks baddies for a turn, so consider it when kicking off combat.

Geomancer Skill: Fossil Strike

Fossil Strike is another good skill that you acquire early and can use right through the end of the game. This mystical boulder affects a small group of baddies, so it's useful when your enemies are in close-quarters. Damage scales up to the point where Fossil Strike can be devastating in later battles. Just remember that the magic rock that it conjures is filled with explosive oil that also deals out fire damage, or else you might wind up accidentally setting the battlefield aflame, in turn hurting your party members.

Huntsman Skill: Assassinate

Assassinate can do tremendous damage when launched from a character lurking in the shadows. Fire an Assassinate attack while sneaking and to do another 50% damage to an enemy. Couple this with a good bow or crossbow and you can easily whittle away at spellcasters from a distance. It's a great physical alternative to using magic attacks at times, especially when enemies have strong magical armor scores.

Hydrosophist Skill: Rain

Yep, plain old boring Rain. Never forget how handy it can be. Soaking enemies can set them up for additional damage from electrical attacks. Rain is also necessary to put out fires damaging your party members. And don’t forget that using Bless followed by Rain will douse cursed Necrofire.

Necromancer Skill: Mosquito Swarm

Mosquito Swarm is a convenient Necromancer option, especially while waiting for your more powerful first attacks to get through cooldown. The damage it does isn't overwhelming, but it does provide healing to the caster and inflicts bleeding on the enemy. Its extremely impressive range and the ability to use it without having a line of sight on the target makes Mosquito Swarm very useful when dealing with spread-out enemies or foes behind cover.

Polymorph Skill: Chameleon Cloak

While Chameleon Cloak isn't the sexiest of the Polymorph skills, using it to blend in with your surroundings has its merits. It's best utilized with spellcasters and scoundrels, as the skill removes mages from the firing line for two turns, giving sneaky party members extra time to move into position for devastating backstab attacks.

Pyrokinetic Skill: Laser Ray

Few skills serve a party as well or as long as Laser Ray. This nifty Pyrotechnic beam of destruction can be learned early on, as you find it at a vendor in Driftwood and the stat prerequisite is very low at just two. Consider giving it to at least two of your party members due to its long range and devastating power at higher levels. You can do thousands of points of damage in a single turn with Laser Ray, which can wreck groups of enemies. It’s also a fantastic way to quickly chop back the armor of tough foes toward the end of the game.

Scoundrel Skill: Cloak and Dagger

Another form of teleportation, Cloak and Dagger lets Scoundrel types move all over the battlefield and readily get at bad guys situated a good distance from the party. It goes without saying how vital this is during later-game battles, when instantly crossing the gaps between your party and its enemies firing ranged weapons and spells is the difference between success and failure. Follow this skill with backstab attacks and you can deal out massive damage in a single turn.

Summoning Skill: Summon Inner Demon

Acquired from demon-hunting Jahan around the midway point of the game, Summon Inner Demon comes in handy when you need to buff a mage. Using it delivers a dramatic increase to magic armor, which can keep a magic-user in the fight when tackling enemies whipping out lots of spell damage. It also lets you terrify enemies, which probably shouldn't be much of a surprise given the presence of the big demon floating above your head while this spell is in effect.

Warfare Skill: Crippling Blow

A must-have for your tank fighter, Crippling Blow is always a great way to begin melee combat. The low-level Warfare skill scales up very well, can hit multiple foes, and also has a chance at crippling opponents.

Sorcery Skill: Source Vampirism

While it's easy to forget about the Source Vampirism skill that sucks Source out of enemies in the course of battle, try and remind yourself to use it whenever possible. It might not be at the top of your to-do list during life-or-death scraps, but adding it in at the end of a turn whenever you have action points to spare will keep your Source replenished as the fight goes on.

Special Skill: Dragon's Blaze

It’s hard to pick just one Special skill, as each character comes with key abilities that are incredibly useful throughout the game. But one of the best is the Lizard-only Dragon's Blaze. It does a lot of damage and affects a huge section of the battlefield. You can use it to turn whole areas of the battlefield into raging infernos. But remember that you can hurt yourself with it as well, as reckless use can light up barrels and patches of oil.

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