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A new teaser for the upcoming sequel to the 2014 film Kingsman has been released--which you can watch here--and the 15 second video was a series of very quick shots, all slapped together. What was going on in these scenes? We're checking out some of the more interesting imagery from the clip.

Gold, which has been heated to the point where it has become liquid, is burned into someone's skin in the shape of a circle, much like title of the film. We're guessing that this symbol is an initiation for the bad organization, that The Kingsman, along with the American spy organization have to team up to defeat.

Eggsy (played by Taron Egerton) is standing in the rain, pointing a gun at someone. We've seen previous images of Eggsy in this red suit.

Jeff Bridges plays the Head of the Statesmen, the American equivalent of the Kingsman.

The Kingsman enjoy a good pint now and again. The Statesmen enjoy whiskey.

It's hard to make out because of the motion from this quick shot, but this could be Charlie Hesketh (played by Edward Holcroft), who turned on the Kingsman in the first film, then died. This could be a flashback or the character is being brought back from the dead.

Poppy (played by Julianne Moore) attaches a robotic arm to a body.

The whole film won't take place in the States. This looks like Eggsy riding on top of a cab.

Pedro Pascal plays Jack Daniels, who has the best name in the series. He's very proficient with a whip.

A Statesman Secret Agent (Channing Tatum) stands over someone in a whiskey distillery.

It looks like the movie will head south to somewhere more tropical. There is a sign in the background that says "Poppyland."

A closer shot of Poppyland. There are a lot of armed guards.

Eggsy has a new partner from the Statesmen, Jack Daniels. Again, the name for that character is awesome.

Channing Tatum plays a Statesmen Secret Agent, and he's sitting next to Halle Berry, who plays Ginger. We don't know much about her at this time.

We see a conference between other Kingsman, back in England.

At the Kingsman roundtable, this seems to be Arthur's replacement. Although he's not credited anywhere, this is Michael Gambon. In the first film, Arthur was played by Michael Caine.

Poppy has her own diner, ripped straight from the '50s.

We'll be heading back to Harry Hart's home in the sequel, where his dog, Mr. Pickle, is stuffed and mounted on the wall.

Poppy sits in her movie theater next to her cyborg counterpart.

Poppy has her name on everything.

The entrance to Poppyland.

A Statesman involved in a gun fight.

The Oval Office, in the White House.

Destruction at Poppyland! It's pretty comical to see a guy who serves donuts fire an automatic weapon.

Poppy is also a pharmaceutical company. We're guessing the drugs she's producing have some ill effects, and the Kingsman and Statesman have to stop her.

Eggsy looks like he's about to blow something up with his suitcase/rocket launcher. We're at least hoping it's a rocket launcher.

Sophie Cookson returns as Kingsman Roxy.

Poppy at her diner.

What's up with the butterflies? We see one shot of them flying around an office, and this shot, which is a drawing of the butterfly life-cycle.

Poppy Delevingne--not to be confused with the villain of the movie, Poppy--plays Clara Von Gluckfberg. There is a shot, right at the end, taking off her robe.

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