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Treasures Hidden In The Nightmare

As you explore the haunting environments of Resident Evil 7: Biohazard, you'll encounter items called antique coins. While these items appear to serve no purpose other than being collectibles, you can actually use them to purchase three special upgrades. We've compiled the locations of all 18 for your convenience. Click ahead to discover how to find each antique coin in Resident Evil 7. Be wary: there are potential spoilers in the slides ahead.

And if you're looking for deeper coverage, we've compiled features detailing how the game fits into the series' universe as a whole, what you unlock when you beat the game, and how to solve the game's most elaborate puzzle. Check back often as we post more features answering the most important questions regarding Resident Evil 7.

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The Upgrades

The upgrades you can purchase with the antique coins are locked in birdcages found in Zoe's trailer, which you discover a few hours into the game. You can unlock each cage by inserting a specific number of antique coins. The items and upgrades are as follows:

  • Stabilizer: Increases reload speed indefinitely. (Costs 3 coins)

  • Steroids: Increases max health indefinitely. (Costs 5 coins)

  • 44 Mag: A powerful handgun with a lot of kickback, and a lot of power. (Costs 9 coins)

Be mindful that halfway through the game, you'll access to these upgrades; however, you'll regain access near the end of the game. Plan accordingly.

Guest House 1F: The Locked Drawer

Obtaining the antique coin in the Guest House is a two-step process. First, acquire the "Derelict House Footage" VHS tape from the second floor, then insert it into the VCR in the first floor living room. When the tape begins, immediately turn around and pick up the lockpick on the ground. When you enter the Guest House, use it to unlock the blue drawer in the kitchen.

Stop the tape (or continue playing through the footage) to return to the present. Go back to the blue drawer you unlocked in the footage; open it to reveal your first antique coin.

Main House 1F: Red Lawn Mower

After you reach the escape tunnel that you open with the Hatch Key following the family dinner, proceed ahead until you find a red lawn mower to your left. Check it to grab an antique coin.

Main House 1F: Main Hall Dresser

When you reach the Main Hall for the first time, turn left and search the dresser with a small angel statue on top of it. Open its top drawer to find an antique coin.

Main House 2F: Recreation Room

In the Recreation Room on the second floor, there's a basket near the door to Grandma Baker's room with a Mr. Everywhere bobble head inside it. Beside it is an antique coin.

Main House 2F: Bathroom

When you reach the second floor bathroom, search the toilet in the corner for an antique coin.

Main House 1F: Ashtray

After solving the first shadow puzzle, make your way to the briefing room adjacent to the living room filled with taxidermied animals. Check the ashtray on the table for an antique coin.

Main House B1: Large Room

In the large room adjacent to the Workshop on the basement floor, there's a shipping pallet leaning up against a wall next to a spattering of mold. Search between the two for an antique coin.

Yard: Gardening Pots

After exiting the Main House, turn right and go around the stairs to find a pair of gardening pots. Inside the left pot is an antique coin.

Yard: Zoe's Trailer

This antique coin is hard to miss. When you enter Zoe's trailer, you can find the coin on the table with the lamp and birdcage.

Old House 1F: Cart

The fireplace in the Old House living room leads to a secret pathway to the Cellar. Proceed forward until you reach the end of the hall. Look to your left to find a cart with an antique coin.

Old House 1F: Outhouse

In the first floor outhouse (the one you unlock with the Crow Key) at the northernmost point of the map, there's a toilet with an antique coin on top of it.

Old House 2F: Lantern Scale Room

On the second floor of the Old House, there's a room with a weighing scale with a lantern attached to it. While facing the scale, turn around to find a dresser containing an antique coin.

Testing Area 1F: Bomb Trap Room

On the first floor of the Testing Area, there's a small room at the end of a corridor filled with explosive traps. Dismantle them with your pistol and open the green desk drawer at the end of the room to find an antique coin.

Testing Area 2F: Stairwell

In the second floor Testing Area room where you deploy a set of stairs, there's an antique coin on a nearby shelf.

*IMPORTANT: After obtaining this coin, make sure to backtrack and collect any coins you've missed up until now. A point of no return occurs the more you push the story along during this section of the game.

Wrecked Ship S1: Duct

After the flashback with the two ship workers, drop down into the nearby duct. When you reach the first fork in the path, turn right until you reach a dead end. There's an antique coin to your left beside the pipe.

*IMPORTANT: This coin must be acquired before dropping down the duct to the first floor. If you drop down, you'll lose the chance to collect it.

Wrecked Ship 1F: Flooded Room

As you first begin to explore the Wrecked Ship, you'll encounter a ladder leading down to a room that's slightly flooded. Climb down and move left until you encounter a pipe near some overgrown weeds; search this area for an antique coin.

*IMPORTANT: This must be acquired before you go up the flight of stairs with the little girl standing alone. If you proceed further, you'll lose the chance to collect it.

Wrecked Ship 3F: Locked Toolbox

In the Control Room on the third floor is a locked toolbox containing an antique coin. To unlock it, get the lockpick from the small box located in the third floor Shaft.

Wrecked Ship S2: Lockbox

There's an antique coin hidden inside a wall lockbox located in a hallway just ahead of the No. 1 Engine Room. Use a corrosive fluid to access it.

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