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With the recent release of a new Power Rangers trailer, fans finally got a bit more insight into the upcoming film. The original television series, distributed by Saban Entertainment and broadcast by Fox, first appeared in 1993 and ran until 2001. With a rebooted Power Rangers movie coming to theaters on March 24, we thought we'd take a look at the differences between the upcoming movie and television show.

Angel Grove (Movie)

The cinematic version of Angel Grove, home of the Rangers, feels like Smalltown, USA. We only catch a quick glimpse of it, but that quick establishing shot gives us a great sense of what this town is about. We also see a couple shots of a port.

Angel Grove (TV)

On television, Angel Grove appears as a quick series of establishing shots of the training center and the high school, where the Rangers frequent. A few times, we were shown shots of downtown Los Angeles as well. It has much more of a city vibe, with a large industrial area where the Rangers fight Putties.

Origin of the Rangers (Movie)

Five teenagers discover glowing coins in a cave. They were all in the same place, at the same time. The group discovers later that they are now the Power Rangers after meeting Zordon and Alpha 5.

Origin of the Rangers (TV)

On the television series, Zordon has Alpha 5 find five teenagers to become the Power Rangers. The teens are unknowingly teleported to Zordon and given their power coins.

Alpha 5 (Movie)

There are quite a few differences with Alpha 5 between the movie and television series. The film version is a bit smaller, completely computer-generated, and has headlamps that look like bug eyes.

Alpha 5 (TV)

The television version of Alpha 5 was someone in a costume, with a UFO-like helmet. He also seemed a bit more anxious compared to his movie-counterpart.

Abilities (Movie)

In the trailer, we learn that after the teenagers find the power coins, they gain powers. They're super-strong, can jump great distances, and can take a beating than no normal person could take without dying.

Abilities (TV)

The teens on the television series did not gain abilities from the power coins. The group, minus Billy, was proficient at martial arts, but when they transformed into the Rangers, they became much more powerful.

Zordon (Movie)

The film version of Zordon is a wall of cubes that makes a face. It's too soon to tell, but he seems much more like a sentient computer program, rather than a living entity.

Zordon (TV)

On the television series, Zordon was trapped in a time warp by Rita Repulsa and appeared as a floating head to the Rangers.

Training (Movie)

As part of becoming the Power Rangers, the film's teens have to train to learn how to use their new powers. We catch a quick glimpse of a training montage in the trailer.

Trial By Fire (TV)

The television versions of the Rangers did not get to train. They had to battle Putties right away. Billy spent a chunk of the first battle cowering and trying not to get hit.

Suits (Movie)

The film versions of the Power Ranger suits are sleek, shiny, and are a mixture of CG and practical effects. Many people think they look like Halo's Spartans.

Suits (TV)

The television versions of the Power Rangers were all real. There was no CG. The outfit consisted of a spandex suit, a belt to hold the power coins or a weapon, and a sweet helmet.

Helmet (Movie)

Later in the trailer, we also learn that the visor on the helmet flips up, revealing their identities. The couple times we see this is when the Rangers are controlling their Zords.

Helmet (TV)

The visors don't move at all on the television show, since the majority of the scenes with the Rangers were filmed in Japan, years prior, with different actors under the helmets.

Putty Patrol (Movie)

The cannon-fodder army for Rita Repulsa in both the film and television series is the Putty Patrol. In the trailer, it looks like the Putties are made from the concrete, rocks, and streets in Angel Grove, giving them a bit of a menacing look.

Putty Patrol (TV)

The Putty Patrol on the television series was made up of a bunch of people in spandex suits, who made an unforgettable noise whenever they appeared.

Goldar (Movie)

The film version of Goldar is a bit tough to make out in the trailer. He's gold and has massive wings, but it's tough to see what's going on with his face.

Goldar (TV)

The television version of Goldar looked like an Ape in gold armor.

Rita Repulsa (Movie)

Rita Repulsa, played by Elizabeth Banks in the film, has a very different look than her television counterpart. She's wearing a tight, green outfit that has some spikes on it. All of her scenes that we see take place on Earth. She seems willing to be in the trenches for every fight. The trailer may not have shown off her costume very well, but you can get a better look here.

Rita Repulsa (TV)

Rita Repulsa on television is a very different-looking character, who lives on the Moon. She usually doesn't fight on the front lines, choosing to send monsters from the Moon to Angel Grove. She also wears a flowing, brown outfit.

Megazord (Movie)

The trailer doesn't really give us a great idea of what the Megazord looks like, standing tall. We catch a quick glimpse of it crouching, and it looks pretty bland. There's lots of grey tones. and it's hard to make out how the other Zords come together to make the Megazord.

Megazord (TV)

The television version of the Megazord is bright, colorful, and you can see how all of the other Zords come together to make it.

Zord Battle (Movie)

While the Megazord may not have the flash the television version has, the battle during the trailer looks pretty epic. Everything about this battle is CG, but that makes it easier to give the viewer an idea of scale this way.

Zord Battle (TV)

The television Megazord battles consisted of lots of quick cuts between the fight and the Rangers in the cockpit. There were a lot of sparks and recycled shots in order to create a full fight.

Bulk & Skull

As far as we know, the comedic relief of the television series, Bulk and Skull, will not be appearing in the movie. They are not seen in the trailers, nor are they listed on IMDB. Hopefully, the new movie at least gives us a tiny cameo of this terrible twosome.

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